• Explosion outside AfD office in eastern Germany
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Yeah, fuck are they gonna do, appoint an angry racist painter to chancellor? That'd be like the US electing an angry racist failed businessman president, ha ha.
Hey I know he beat you up, but only because he's insecure inside. You should go talk to him and get him to open up, he's just looking for a friend.
Honestly being careful with giving nazis a platform in the media is enough. We shouldn't give up our principles and harm them or block them from protesting or whatever. It's the press and politicians legitimizing these views, normalizing them and making them seem more widespread than they are that is the problem. It's how we got here, after all.
No, I'm pretty sure it's the people who want to commit genocide who are the problem.
So moderate politicians copying their views and the media constantly giving far-right demagogues a platform, increasing support for these views, isn't a problem? What are you accusing me of? Did you misread what I said?
(they're included under people who want to commit genocide) If your house is infested with cockroaches, and every time your friends come over they say "woah you've got a lot of cockroaches," your friends aren't the problem. And if you or any of your friends are alright with living with cockroaches, then you're part of the problem.
Here's what I don't understand If someone says you should show no mercy to terrorists, blow them all the fuck up, etc, people will say 'but that will only create more terrorists', 'they'll just be a martyr', etc But then some of those same people will say to show no mercy to neo nazis, beat them all the fuck up, etc because there's no other way Maybe I'm just a brainlet
Nah lets kill terrorists and neo nazis (Kill em if they actually are in your country doing an atttack however, dont invade their country in an act of imperialism.)
Willing to bet you don't actually have any examples and you're just setting up a hypothetical person that never existed, but I'll play a little devil's advocate. Terrorists are a bit different because their motivations differ a lot. I'm not saying terrorism can ever be a good thing, but it's just a method; it's detached from the terrorist's motivation. They can use terrorism to fight for an independent government, they can use terrorism to rebel against a CIA instated dictatorship, they might even be using terrorism to fight fascist organizations. A terrorist could be alone, or they could be part of a group. A government can even resort to terrorist actions. And a person in one terrorist organization might have an entirely different motivation than another person in the exact same organization. A nazi is the same, no matter what. There are no nazis with admirable desires. There are no moderate nazis. There are no pacifist nazis. Every single nazi, by virtue of being a nazi, wants the death and extinction of every single person who isn't white.
Not to mention the death of most whites, anyway. I bet they can't even agree on what the so-called 'master race' is anymore.
If you lived in Nazi germany and couldnt or didn't toe their line, you stood as much chance of ending up in a prison or concentration camp as one of the untermensch.
A bit late but here, some are in German and a bit older though. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-42234585 https://www.elisabeth-mantl.de/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/fluechtlinge1.gif Frauen und Männer auf der Flucht Aktuelle Zahlen | Vereinbarkei.. Asylbewerber
So your own data actually proves your own post wrong. All right
"Useless" is how I describe the refugees and migrants that come here and don't do anything worthwhile. The ones I see actually learning the language and even work, I have nothing against these people. I have read reports of integration teachers and their experiences trying to teach them German. They barely show up. They barely learn. They use the money they get to buy themselves drugs, cars and driver's licenses. They are nothing but disrespectful. This is what I mean with useless. And sadly, it's not just happening to just this one integration teacher but to many. Politicians don't want to talk about it though.
read your own damn article lmao
Also here are some numbers from 2018, not from 3 years ago and some self appointed "office for demographics" http://www.bamf.de/SharedDocs/Anlagen/DE/Downloads/Infothek/Statistik/Asyl/aktuelle-zahlen-zu-asyl-november-2018.pdf?__blob=publicationFile 26.8 %, which is THE MAJORITY are under the age of 4 Considering your post up there you seem to either try to give a certain spin on this really believe that grown men are faking to be less than 4 years old
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