• Hundreds of TSA screeners are calling in sick to find paying work amid shutdown
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Do you ever just stop and think what you're about to say before you say it, like, at all? From here on out, read your post over a few times and really think to yourself if what you're posting is dumb.
There is no maybe, they will get paid once the furlough is over. The gov't isn't gonna be shut down for years, did you forget this happened before? I agree fully with everyone else, they should be getting paid. However, that isn't the reality. My only point in this is these people took civil service jobs they still have a job to do. They all know what that entails and swore an oath, if you are going to be in law enforcement or any security field then they can't just be abandoning their post. That is all I am saying. No one seems to understand that regardless of what is going on they have to continue on with the mission. You think the Coast guard and DHS is going to stop protecting ports and other assets over the furlough? It would be like a city not reaching a budget agreement and furloughing, would you find it as acceptable for police, EMS, dispatchers, and other mission essential personnel to stop showing up for work? I get whatever one is saying, I agree with it. They shouldn't even be in this position, but the reality is they have a critical job to do. Welcome to civil service when you actual have to serve people. Do you think the secret service can just stop showing up to work? No they have to continue with their protection details. All calling out does is make shit worse, the people who show up for work are gonna be affected by morale, and the people who call in only make it worse for the ones that actually show up.
I heard stories of them stealing things, so fuck every single individual. Dude, it's like saying you heard of one black guy shooting a cop, ergo, all black people are cop killers. Doesn't that sound ridiculous? Think before you speak.
i have no sympathy for those in a position of power who abuse it and are never punished for it hmmm maybe there's a lack of proper oversight and investigations into these things... but no, "i'm generalizing every individual" because of a targeted criticism for a serious issue and well, clearly i only meant the ones that steal but of course you all start flinging shit because you're predetermined to assume the worst of people
hey bro, ur fucking stupid, shit opinion peace
Some TSA agents have been known to be bad people, therefor all TSA agents are bad people. I recognize that I am wrong, but I will dig in further and double down on my stupidity so I don't lose a dumb argument. I support holding the pay of the masses because of the actions of a statistically insignificant few. Why are you doing this? Stop.
tbh people with anime avatars are regularly known to make awful posts
Having been furloughed, this is kind of misleading in how it's phrased: Basically every government employee is going to get paid, but payroll processing gets delayed until after the shutdown is resolved. This is a problem if you're, say, a GS-6 TSA officer living in the WMA, living paycheck to paycheck, because getting paid eventually doesn't keep the landlord away. Contractors, on the other hand, get paid normally through their contracting company, and are contractually obligated to get paid for the work they do. The company itself might not get paid out, but they legally can't force their employees to work and not pay them. Most contractors (inc. my company) are already funded via appropriated funds, so the money's already been handed out and they can still operate as normal. To put it more simply: Only 'essential' government employees are working without getting paid, but if this goes like every other shutdown will be retroactively paid. The problem is that retroactive pay doesn't cover immediate bills.
it wasn't a targeted criticism though? you literally said "TSA agents are known to steal, fuck them", that's a generalization yes
lol, nice failure of a backpedal there. You weren't specifying any specific individuals in your previous post, don't even give us that. Someone in my immediate family works for the TSA and therefore, is currently unpaid. This is compounded with a myriad of other shit them, their spouse, and son are currently dealing with that already puts sizeable financial burden upon them. And even after all this, I assure you: they are not a thief. Holy shit, I can't even look at your previous post without getting upset.
So, it's mission-critical for these people to arrive to work, but it's not mission-critical to pay them the money they need to survive? Am I missing something here?
nope, sounds capitalist enough to me
That's great and all but tell all that to the landlord, the grocer's, the power company and just about every fucking company on earth. These people have bills to pay, food to buy, they can't afford waiting for some nebulous, undetermined date to finally get paid. They need money now so they're saying 'fuck it' and doing something that'll actually feed them. What about this is so disgusting, exactly?
Government workers have been given presidential approval to call in sick https://twitter.com/cam_joseph/status/1081937547071234048?s=09
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