• Record numbers of Americans want to leave the US, 30% of people under 30
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https://news.gallup.com/poll/245789/record-numbers-americans-leave.aspx?g_source=link_NEWSV9&g_medium=NEWSFEED&g_campaign=item_&g_content=Record%2520Numbers%2520of%2520Americans%2520Want%2520to%2520Leave%2520the%2520U.S. WASHINGTON, D.C. -- While Donald Trump has spent much of his presidency focused on the number of people who want to get into the U.S., since he took office, record numbers of Americans have wanted to get out. Though relatively average by global standards, the 16% of Americans overall who said in 2017 and again in 2018 that they would like to permanently move to another country -- if they could -- is higher than the average levels during either the George W. Bush (11%) or Barack Obama administration (10%). The 30% of Americans younger than 30 who would like to move also represents a new high -- and it is also the group in which the gender gap is the largest. Forty percent of women younger than 30 said they would like to move, compared with 20% of men in this age group. These gender gaps narrow with age and eventually disappear after age 50. Desire to migrate among the poorest 20% of Americans during Trump's first two years is also at record levels. It is more than twice as high as the average during Obama's two terms. So far under Trump, three in 10 Americans (30%) in the poorest 20% say they would like to migrate if they could, compared with an average of 13% under Obama. But more than anything else, Trump himself may be the primary motivator. Regression analysis shows that regardless of differences by gender, age or income -- if Americans disapprove of the job Trump is doing as president, they are more likely to want to leave the U.S. Overall, 22% of Americans who disapproved of Trump's job performance during his first two years said they would like to move, compared with 7% who approved.
Making the country so terrible that all the white people leave requiring even higher numbers of migrant workers to replace them, the Right were behind the Great Replacement all along!
Little America appears in every capital city as thousands and thousands of Americans abandon the land of freedom, I can see it now,
Well, they are the masters of Gaslighting, Obstructing, and last but not least, Projecting.
I prefer Freedom-sized America, thank you.
Found the Star Wars fan https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/108621/9e06dac1-b19d-46e1-afef-840a6750747e/image.png
Nothing says that they won't come back when things improve, but can you really blame anyone for wanting to leave when they're becoming targets in their own country? They're not leaving because they "disagree with some of the population", they're leaving because they're actively being targeted with work and social protections being removed or weakened, making their lives increasingly harder to live in the US. People have families and other shit to worry about, they don't have time to play the political game and staying just to increase the votes.
Not really a surprise younger women want to leave. If you look at comments from trump supporters on any cancerous social media circle you'll see some people believe women should be forced to conform to Victorian era gender roles. I've had the privilege of traveling to other parts of the world, and I do like how the government can be hands off compared to other countries. But at the same time we really need to do more to join the rest of the modern world.
Only 30%?
I've said it before but I will not leave. This is our mess, we have a responsibility to fix it and clean it up. So no matter what happens I'm sticking it through just to do whatever possible to set things right.
aint my mess cause i didnt vote for the ones causing it.
I wouldn't mind living in another country northern hemisphere country.
Why should they give a shit about the people that get left behind? It would literally not be their problem anymore. The US does not have a monopoly on natural beauty, diversity, or "awesome people". In fact, i'd argue that the same amount of all those thing can be found in other countries like Australia and Canada, and I think it's obvious that attaining an EU passport will give you access to all these things on a scale that far surpasses what the US is even capable of. You don't actually have to renounce your citizenship if you emigrate permanently either, dual passports are most definitely a thing and most countries have no problems with them, aside from the notable exceptions for most asian countries. You can simply just go vote in elections at the local embassy, so you don't lose any political power either. In complete contrast to yourself, i'd encourage people to become permanent expats in new places. Plus, if the US shifts policy towards something you like, you can always move back.
what would that even look like?? a fifties style diner, a burger joint, a gun shop and maybe a wall mart? would there be statues of oil derricks or burgers?
Ohh neither did I, nor did a majority of voters even. But the people running our country are impacting not just us but people around the world in our names.
I wish I could afford to leave.
I'm sure the GOP are welcoming the exodus of all the Democratic voters.
The problem is that it increasingly feels like a desperate struggle against unbeatable odds. Despite everything absolutely fucking abhorrent trump has done, he still has a 40% approval rating. 40% of the populace don't give a shit and love the guy and will vote for him no matter what. Everywhere you see there are more and more right wing asshats spewing their terrible opinions everywhere, and it just seems like everyone except for a token few friends and family and people on this forum that are anywhere near rational. Even people on your side are getting fucking insane with extreme SJWs everywhere who get offended at the slightest difference between you and them. It seems as the majority of the people in this study who want to leave are either women or minorities, both groups heavily targeted by republicans. Why in the hell would you want to live in a country where people are actively voting for a government that wants to take away your rights and hate diversity? Were the Jews just supposed to not want to leave Nazi Germany? I've often thought of leaving myself. You're right that America is beautiful and there's good people here, but there's beauty and good people elsewhere as well. Why would I want to stay here when I can use my dutch citizenship to go live anywhere I want to in the EU with a government that cares about its people and a people that care about their government, or perhaps I could use my computer science degree and immigrate to South America where I could actually help people by developing their countries IT systems. There's as much potential elsewhere as here. With all the shit that's going on here, why would I want to stay here when there's so many other attractive spots elsewhere?
There's bastion states that have already enacted legislation to help buffer a lot of us. Minnesota as an example put its own net neutrality bill, already has one of the best state healthcare plans in the country, is a sanctuary state, among other things. The same can't be said for other states though, and I'm sure if I were in a different position I'd be lookin to move north myself.
you coulda just said "i'm not trying to make it into a competition, i just love the sights" but apparently you ARE trying to make it into a competition american exceptionalism is the dumbest shit
I mean the US does have amazing nature, but it's also a humongous country, meaning you'd have to travel anyway. I'd almost wager as large a share of Danes have seen the grand canyon as American citizens, or close enough. You'd have to start arguing "natural wonders per square km" or something to have this discussion make much sense.
We both know Canada doesn't have any territory in the tropics, so we can't exactly hope to match any lush palm-tree landscape, but oh honey. https://res.cloudinary.com/simpleview/image/upload/v1486505969/clients/vancouverbc/Aerial_Sunset_Vancouver_d3_copy_1bb86ed0-1edc-4cda-841d-0b033ca0bb72.jpg http://banffandbeyond.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/horseshoe-canyon-drumheller-alberta-badlands.jpg https://postmediacalgarysun.files.wordpress.com/2017/12/calgary-sun-calgary-herald79.jpeg https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3771/12041529676_924005b728_c.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/originals/01/ae/c8/01aec8ab1e01fa038365db913149eacd.jpg https://www.tourismpei.com/sites/default/files/newglasgow_bs_content.jpg https://canadianimmigrant.ca/wp-content/uploads/bay-of-fundy.jpg http://image8.photobiz.com/7585/10_20140913133142_7375451_large.jpg https://i.ytimg.com/vi/jjpvTF1A5Cw/maxresdefault.jpg http://mybestplace.com/aroundtheworld/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Pingualuit-Crater-Quebec-SLIDER.jpg America isn't as special as her people have grown up constantly being told she is. Reality's a brick in the face.
i don't want anyone to think that this thread or this ban and me deleting my account are related. i actually pulled the trigger slightly before inacio. my therapist recommend i do this so i did it.
Gun crime, burger joint profits, and average obesity in European countries goes up 500%
We don't need to help with obesity, that's climbing on its own.
There's a difference between climbing up and being lobbed skywards via heavily-reinforced trebuchet
We're just helping to the end goal, that's all we ever wanted!
SIlence friend, you're exposing our secrets and making us look like something other than a shitty flyover farm state!
Why is it every time someone gets banned or deletes their account they always go "I don't care about this, I'm gonna go live a FULFILLING LIFE"? Like first who the fuck cares, second you look like a tool and third if you didn't care that much why do you take the time to make another account just to reply? Is it okay to call someone a bitchass cockmuncher if they're no longer a user? I'm asking for a friend.
i care massively and im gonna have a fucking rotten life. goodbye ...
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