• China tests its own 'Mother of All Bombs'
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That's cool but, have they used it on actual people. https://ih0.redbubble.net/image.441730703.0749/ap,550x550,16x12,1,transparent,t.u4.png
Is there any tactical advantage to a MOAB compared to more conventional bombs other than the psychological impact?
With air defense systems and enemy aircraft, you may only get one short window to attack a target
It can destroy underground tunnels. IIRC a MOAB was once used by the US Army to destroy an ISIL underground tunnel system. The explosion was so big it not only caved-in the tunnels, but set the air on fire inside of the tunnels killing everyone inside, and it damaged buildings one town over.
For the American side aren't those things dropped from the back of a C-130? Those cargo planes are pretty vulnerable to air defenses. AFAIK they've only be used against insurgents to crush their morale.
I'd say the tactical advantage of ruining everything within a mile radius's day kinda speaks for itself. If a country was very liberal with these weapons in an actual theater, the damage would be monstrous.
Wouldn't an equivalent amount of explosives used more precisely and over a wider area be more effective though? Like of course it's effective but considering the resources spent it looks more like a psyop weapon comparatively.
What are they using to deliver it? The American bomb is too big for normal bombers so we drop it out of a C-130. The Russians showed a bomber in their trailer for it but it was edited so that we couldn't actually tell what they dropped it from. If China managed to get a giant bomb that can be delivered by a high-speed bomber, that's an actual material improvement over everyone else. Not much of one, considering a more powerful nuke can be slung underneath just about any bomber, but in a limited war they could have an advantage.
if you have a whole lot of people holed up in a bunker, otherwise there's not much point to such a giant thermobaric bomb.
It wasn't designed to be a surgical weapon per say. The munition detonates before it hits the ground, igniting a flammable fuel mist that supposedly obliterates everything in a 1,000 yard radius, sends a lethal shock wave more than a mile and a half away, and creates a mushroom cloud nearly five miles high. The idea behind it is to drop one bomb that can clear out an entire area which is being held by enemy combatants. The fact it has only been used once (I believe) would lead it to be non-effective psyop weapon because they know it hasn't been deployed since then. I would say the drone strikes are way better psyop weapons.
its so ridiculously indiscriminate that the list of targets that even Trump's pentagon could recomend is very short.
I'm not sure if "setting the air on fire" is quite exactly how it works. What I recall reading rather was that the blaze above consumed all the oxygen in the area, causing people in the tunnels to suffocate.
MOABs are by design, meant for entrenched positions. We haven't seen them used heavily because outside of the large tunnel networks in Afghanistan we haven't had a historical moment since their conception to test them. That doesn't rule them out but that doesn't do them favors either. Hopefully we never have to find out.
Uyghur detainees and political dissidents if so.
I am pretty sure they have way more efficient methods of dealing with those instead of dropping a big ass bomb on them
More efficient? Sure. More terrifying? Maybe. More excessive? Probably not.
its even too indiscriminate for the chinese. I'm not sure even the communists can get away with whole scale murder of an entire few miles of a region
I know a guy who has called in multiple MOABS while on tour in Afghanistan and Iraq, he says the shockwave he feels from miles away is unlike anything else he's ever experienced. He now runs a brewery that's rapidly blowing up in popularity.
Mighta called em in, but no one dropped one. Its first combat drop was the one in april of 17. 500-1000lb JDAM, now that I believe.
Can I get a link to this brewery? My dad's a vet from the 90's invasion of iraq and I think he'd be interested in getting shipped some.
Eeh if you want to destroy underground fortifications or have an army scattered over a wider area. It's more of a threatening tool than to actually be used, similar to nukes. Too expensive.
Thermobaric weapons are one of the most heinously atrocious types of weapon in use.
MOAB can also be used as a generic term for any huge bomb even though that's a bit uncommon so that's probably what he meant.
I supose the lack of Radioactive Fallout is a +1 to this kind of... thing.
World in Conflict had a very cool MOAB airstrike, with the C-130 dropping it and everything. The explosion would even push the delivery pallet that it detaches from.
Thermobaric weapons concussively (and I say concussive emphatically) drain the oxygen from their impact point and ignite the air itself. The [blast] kill mechanism against living targets is unique–and unpleasant.... What kills is the pressure wave, and more importantly, the subsequent rarefaction [vacuum], which ruptures the lungs.... If the fuel deflagrates but does not detonate, victims will be severely burned and will probably also inhale the burning fuel. Since the most common FAE fuels, ethylene oxide and propylene oxide, are highly toxic, undetonated FAE should prove as lethal to personnel caught within the cloud as most chemical agents. According to a U.S. Central Intelligence Agency study,[15] "the effect of an FAE explosion within confined spaces is immense. Those near the ignition point are obliterated. Those at the fringe are likely to suffer many internal, and thus invisible injuries, including burst eardrums and crushed inner ear organs, severe concussions, ruptured lungs and internal organs, and possibly blindness." Another Defense Intelligence Agency document speculates that because the "shock and pressure waves cause minimal damage to brain tissue…it is possible that victims of FAEs are not rendered unconscious by the blast, but instead suffer for several seconds or minutes while they suffocate".[16]
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