• German Far-Right AFD Member severly Hurt in Assassination Attempt.
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I hope he doesn't die from this. Making these people martyrs is a terrible idea.
Violence ultimately solves nothing. It just causes more radicalization in response.
Please don't defend this. We get it, AfD is as scummy as they get, but you don't defeat a rhetoric by literally beating it out of someone. If anything, you strengthen the rhetoric and add fuel to the very fire you're trying to put out when you resort to violence.
Second attack on AfD in a week huh? I wonder if thats connected to the bombing of the office.
Attack them Politically with Words by tearing up there positions, never by Force or Weapons, thats only the choice of the mentally incapable.
Or the desperate, scared, and those whose words aren't listened to.
If this guy dies, I'm honest to god expecting about five times as much tit-for-tat out of the local far right in Germany. Whoever did this, GG. Not only did you give the far-right group your against a martyr, but you also probably just put several more innocent people in the crosshairs of fringe-nuts.
He doesn't deserve to be beaten, let alone to death, and I really hope he doesn't die and they catch the suckerpunching scumbags responsible for this. That being said, this statement from AfD. They added: "Today is a black day for democracy in Germany." Just fuck off.
I am wondering though how true this is, I mean I believe it and I don't defend violence and I think this is already gonna do more harm than good and I am skeptic toward the intentions of whoever set out to kill this guy but isn't violence natural and wether or not it is the only way to achieve something like say a better society there are certainly people who are normally peaceful who can be brought to believe that sometimes it is? How do you adress those points of views that revolutionaries and "radicals" may hold?
If the instigators feel war is inevitable, I don't think they care about strengthening the enemy rhetoric. To them, either they kill all those enemies anyway or die trying, so it doesn't matter how fueled that fire is so long as they completely extinguish it.
While I generally agree, that isn't always the case. It's a lot more complicated than that. I.e, What do you do if Nazis are rising to power, want to kill you, and aren't being dissuaded by verbal arguments? Let yourself die because you were steamrolled by populist rhetoric?
the attempts on my life have left me scarred and deformed
im pretty sure that people dont look at a dude and are like "wow cant believe he got beaten up so bad this must the holocaust didnt happen also get all immigrants out" if this is what turns someone into a far-right twat chances are they were already a far-right twat
something something krystalnacht, this might be the dumbest move his critics could have made
I don't understand can you expand on this?
IIRC, Krystalnacht, aka the Night of the Long Knives was then the Nazis killed a lot of more moderate party members and Hitler increased his grasp on power
'No, you wait until there's no other option than violence. You wait until they've already picked up their guns, are kicking down doors, have seized the government, and declared martial law before you fight back. If you don't wait at least that long you're a fool who thinks Nazis can really come back and fascism can really exist in the modern world. It can't happen here is what I'm saying; the only thing that would 'let it happen here' is if people do anything but stand by idly and refuse to challenge people who will never debate honestly and who will walk away from every public argument with new supporters because 'they're not weak like you'. This is the problem with the Left. They're all for acceptance and tolerance of their fellow men until some dudes start spouting off crazy shit about how they're going to murder the entire world for not looking exactly like them and then they refuse to not only let them publicly debate their philosophy but start beating them! They don't see that the Right is only fueled by violence -- and violence begets violence! The only way to stem real violence is through perfect pacifism until there are no options left -- and then to mount a bloody and hopeless rebellion well after the bell has been rung on the fight to leave the nation or planet bloody, bruised, battered, and broken for it. If you punch a nazi you make a martyr and they become stronger. If you honestly and intellectually debate a nazi they'll ignore your opinions and everyone else, being of obvious peerless intellect such as yourself, will also recognize their rhetoric as stupid and refuse to adopt it. If you just show your heart to nazis they'll realize that they don't really want to be nazis and will refuse to be nazis. What I'm trying to get at is: Unless Nazis allow you to stop them, you're not allowed to stop them until you have no chance of stopping them and only I know when the point of no return is -- and wherever it is, it's definitely not now.'
Those article comments are incredible
I won't defend it but I also ain't gonna shed a tear over it either.
I feel like the idea that once we decide to fight the nazis it'll be too late is an interesting one because I think it's true but I think people should give that idea a little more thought but replace nazis in the context with more abstract, less ideological aspects of society such as corporations and the market. I'm posting this in a thread specifically about nazis, so I'm not saying ignore nazis, but I would like to imagine that the ruling forces of our society have an interest, wether they act upon it or don't, in keeping us distracted.
And while we're at it let's compare the rate that apples mature from seeds into fruits with modern proposals for nuclear reactors. You may not be saying it, but that's ultimately what that line of argumentation endorses. 'If you just ignore the fact that we're talking about a group that truly and literally believes, and has proven how much they believe it, that 98% of the world's total population needs to die in order for their purity to live -- then they're just another force we have to fight against occasionally and mostly passively against such as corporations and the markets'. Unlike corporations and the markets, Nazis produce literally nothing of value or interest to society.
I agree with all you, what I said wasn't meant to be part of any argument in regards to how one should think about or handle nazis, it was really just a thought I had about apathy and inaction sort of branching off into something else
I don't think it's apathy and inaction. I think it's fear, plain and simple. Fear that nazis exist and fear that, if you fought them, that you'd wind up in a world worse than the one you started with. These are irrational fears. Nothing of value to humanity or society at large (minus potential historical relevance) would be lost should every nazi on the face of the earth, and all the rhetoric thereof, surreptitiously vanish tomorrow morning. By contrast, if our markets vanished then the world would be truly and wholly fucked by the utterly massive disruptions that would take place immediately thereafter. Apathy is knowing that you should do something about something else and deciding that you don't need to do so. Fear is knowing that you should do something about something else but make irrational excuses that potentially imperil yourself and others out of a need for self-preservation of the status quo and your own well-being.
Kristallnacht was the vandalizing of Jewish schools, businesses and synagogues. It's also known as The Night of Broken Glass. Took place in November 1938. Night of the Long Knives was a completely different event, where Hitler focused on eradicating any internal threats (Rohm, for example), as well as some old foes (e.g. Schleicher). Happened in 1934.
Obviously you wait until they get power and start actually killing people. Who knows, maybe they wont eat your face! /s
Even then debate is the only course of action. Little known fact - d-day was only successful because the troops landing were, to a man, equipped with the most modern rhetroical devices and an intimate knowledge of logical fallacies. The training the American GIs received in domestic training centres (Harvard, MIT, etc) and in bases in the UK (Cambridge and Oxford) was the best in the world.
I honestly don't know what to think. If violence is gonna happen, let it go quick and easy. The people who support the AfD have already weathered numerous controversies around nazi sympathizers and considering they distract the 40+ demographic with vague threats of muslim immigrant rapists, while pushing a pro-business agenda under the table that seeks to rollback consumer protection laws, strip workers unions of their power, repeal regulations and cut taxes for the rich, there's nothing I care to do for them, let alone extend a grape vine of pity to them. If the misery of millions is seen as justified consequence for the tragedy of a single man, which given the conservative track record of every stupid SJW being stripped down to the bone marrow by a hundred Milos and every antifa protest being condemned as unpatriotic vandalism while every far right riot is posed as "the people taking back democracy", it sounds more like hypocracy, am I right?
As we see that's worked really damn well these past few years... That was sarcastic btw.
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