• Assets worth 800 billion pounds to shift from UK to EU due to Brexit
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Make America Britain great again!
It's okay lads, these blue passports are totally worth it.
muh 350m per day
I wish Boilrig were here to defend this somehow.
Why? We can all agree he's patently, demonstrably, and factually wrong. Why bother wishing he were here to defend something like this?
It was fun to see how much that boy could streeeeeeeeeeeeeetch things. And to top it all off, he actually believed the crap he came out with.
That may be so, but allowing such delusional and non-factual walls of texts to be accessible on the internet for people to further fall victim to only makes the problem worse. At best, it's wanting to see how far he could stretch things, at worst it's literally requesting misinformation and bullshit that other people might read and fall for
let's not talk about keeping idiots around because of a laugh, we had this discussion ages ago and it left a bad taste in my mouth
The ttile says "to shift", the article says "are being moved" What is it?
Is there a practical difference
Stop talking bad about the dead, it's disrespectful. On topic. I distinctly remember being down rated and called out on saying all our financial assets were going to be moving to Frankfurt, well here we go. London will very quickly cease to be the financial capital of Europe, regardless of what deal we get, good or bad.
'to shift' implies people are planning on moving assets in event of Brexit. 'are being moved' implies that the assets are already in the process of moving. Given it's a large number I'm sure the truth is halfway inbetween.
I'm glad he's not. The guy got banned for a reason. There's nothing entertaining about someone coming into a thread, posting about how they disagree with the facts in as few words as possible, and then completely failing to elaborate on their position beyond dumb one liners. Back on topic, I hate this so much. I just can't wrap my head around the fact my country is about to completely screw itself over, with absolutely no benefit to the decision what so ever and nobody is stepping up to try and challenge it. Even politicians I otherwise agree with are too shit scared of the backlash to do anything about this complete farce.
The UK sure is gonna win now!
I disagree, I also disagree with tudd being permabanned and what may happen to sgman. Yes they have retarded points that have no basis in logic, and they are or are most likely trolls, but every time they post, their arguments get destroyed and they end up ridiculed. I doubt anyone here falls for their bullshit
I think you're misunderstanding. I'm not saying they shouldn't be allowed to have their retarded points, or post them. I'm not saying anything like that. I'm saying that requesting them to come and share their misinformation and BS is like requesting BS. Someone in every thread is dumb enough to fall for someone's BS.
I see what you mean, I just think their BS is valuable because it's the same BS people spout on TV so some Rust kiddie will see that and understand why it's bullshit unless he's trying to be alt-right because he thinks it's cool and contrarian
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