• [AU] Peter Dutton proposes public register of child sex offenders
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The Australian Institute of Criminology, which reports to the Home Affairs Minister, last year published a research paper that found "the effectiveness of public sex offender registries [is] mixed". "While public sex offender registries may have a small general deterrent effect on first-time offenders, they do not reduce recidivism," the authors wrote. Federal Labor said it was important any changes were "evidence-based and effective". Just trying to reel in votes, i dont believe theyd be able to pull off a national database. While i have no sympathy for people who abuse children there is also massive potential for illegal vigilante justice.
This is similar to our sex offender registry in the States and honestly I feel it's extrajudicial and not just. If you release someone from prison, you're saying that you've rehabilitated them sufficiently and they should have their full rights restored. They've served their sentence. It's not just to continue punishing people after their sentence. Don't trust them? Don't release them. Better yet, do a single goddamn thing to actually rehabilitate convicted sex offenders as opposed to shoving them in a box for X years and then going "okay bye also you'll never be able to do anything ever again"
Yeah, expect to hear of more vigilante attacks coming from this. It's not a terrible idea to give people some awareness of documented predators in their area but I hope this doesn't mean "minor" offenses will automatically get them flagged up.
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