• Rod Rosenstein to leave DOJ in coming weeks
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https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/rosenstein-expected-depart-doj-coming-weeks-attorney-general/story?id=60252611 Without Rosenstein there would be no Mueller probe. Thanks, Rod.
Rod. ROD, YOU SUNNUVA BITCH, DON'T YOU QUIT ON US NOW!!! I can't help but wonder what kind of leverage they've got on him to make him quit after he's shown no intent to.
No no no no What will happen now?
Please have failsafes so Trump and Putin can't get their way I desperately need good political news
He hasn't controlled the Mueller probe since Sessions was fired so nothing changes really, it's still controlled by Matty W and will soon pass to Willy B
the report comes out.
https://twitter.com/ShimonPro/status/1082985097006116864?s=19 Maybe this is good news. We can only hope and wait and see. And be ready for any response if necessary
I don't believe it until he says it himself. Giuliani and co have claimed this several times before.
From looking at it, it's not that he is wanting to leave just that the expectation is when a new, congressionally approved attorney general steps in then he'll probably be replaced so he is planning around that likelihood.
https://twitter.com/SethAbramson/status/1083065487720964096 https://twitter.com/SethAbramson/status/1083065906606034945
Finally an end to the Trump madness.
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