• Brazilian government to allow "errors" in textbooks, not require citations
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https://educacao.estadao.com.br/blogs/blog-renata-cafardo/governo-bolsonaro-muda-edital-e-passa-a-permitir-erros-e-propagandas-em-livros-didaticos/?utm_source=twitter:newsfeed&utm_medium=social-organic&utm_campaign=redes-sociais:012019:e&utm_content=:::&utm_term= The government of Jair Bolsonaro changed on January 2 the edict for textbooks that will be delivered in 2020. It will no longer be necessary for the materials to have bibliographical references. Also removed the item that prevented advertising and errors of review and printing. The non-requirement also opens space for content that is not based on research, since there is no need to cite the origin of the content. The requirement that the illustrations adequately reflect the ethnic diversity of the Brazilian population, the social and cultural plurality of the country, was also withdrawn. That is, the figures present in the textbooks would no longer have to show, for example, blacks, whites and Indians. A book with only illustrations with white children would be okay. Half of an item referring to women has also been cut and there is no longer any requirement to give "special attention to educational commitment to the agenda of non-violence against women." However, it was maintained that "it is necessary to positively promote the image of women". Bonus: The Goiano professor Orley José da Silva must be nominated for a position in the MEC, not yet defined. Religious and conservative, Silva is a doctorate in the sciences of religion in Goiás. In his blog, Silva affirms, for example, that the quilombola question is a PT agenda. Bolsonaro himself has already attacked Quilombola communities and members. "I was in a quilombo, the lightest Afro-descendant there weighed seven arrobas, they do not do anything, I do not think they are useful even just for procreation," said the now president of the Republic. The government has already ordered the suspension of some 1,700 cases for the identification and delimitation of Quilombola territories . Under the title "Books of the MEC of Temer may enact didactic actions of the MEC of Bolsonaro", Silva relativizes the slavery of blacks and the genocide of indigenous in the colonization. He criticizes works that come to schools next year for presenting slavery "as an inhuman act exclusive to the white elite by exempting African communities that enslave their own people." 
Less then a week and this fascist needs to freaking die.
Here's a couple other spicy memes from our new government: "We let the theory of evolution enter schools," Damares said in a 2013 interview Minister of Women, Family and Human Rights indicated that evangelicals should occupy science 'We lost space in science when we let theory of evolution go into schools. When we did not question it, "Damares lamented, six years ago' 'Deixamos a teoria da evolução entrar nas escolas', disse Damare.. Proposal wants to ban WhatsApp and Telegram if they do not break secrecy in Brazil CNJ proposal wants to force WhatsApp and Telegram to break secrecy of messages under court order One of the proposals calls for "means of access and breach of secrecy for the exchange of messages from members of criminal organizations over the internet, social networks or messaging applications, including the possibility of infiltration by police officers." https://tecnoblog.net/274333/whatsapp-telegram-quebra-sigilo-proposta-cnj/
History textbooks, history not included.
This is literally the same situation our education system had, though it was less because of deliberate shit like this than it was because of laziness and incompetence.
think its high time united fruit called up their good friends the US army, i trust them more at this point
considering that one of the selling points for his campaign was literally "we'll bring brazil back to the times of military rule" ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_dictatorship_in_Brazil ) and there are people in his government that say that it wasn't a dictatorship and nothing bad happened (literal torture deniers even though there's a shitton of evidnce), you're quite right
why do they feel the need to even do this.
Religion hates not being in education.
Allows for education to act as a vessel for misinformation and erosion of any and all opposition within the state. Nazi Germany utilized the same tactics, albeit slightly more subtly
Don't forget that Bolsonaro issued a measure to begin government monitoring of NGOs Or the exclusion of LGBT people from human rights guidelines Or being a cock-holster to Trump and begging for a US military base Also the quid-pro-quo between Sergio Moro and Bolsonaro. Moro is lauded by the right as anti-corruption. He has declared that accepting any sort of political office would call into question his integrity, and that of the work he has done. Lula was slated to win before being jailed by Moro. Bolsonaro won instead, and voila, Moro is handed the Ministry of Justice on a silver platter. Nothing sketchy here! In regards to questions over Bolsonaro's chief of staff, who has not only been accused of corruption several times, but openly admitted to it live, Moro said "he's already apologized"
I don't know if I'd say more subtly. I'll give Jair credit where it's due and say he doesn't appear to have executed any historians or teachers yet.
he's also literally been in there for 9 days
and there's still people who think this administration is made of idiots. any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice. we're really screwed. it's a terrible time to live in this country
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