• Trump Storms Out of White House Meeting with Democrats on Shutdown
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This is going to be the longest shutdown in U.S History, it's already second place, just 4 more days to go.
Two days, longest was 21 and it's day 19. Good lord
"Are you going to do what I want to?" "No we're not." "Well you're a poo poo head!" *storms out*
I have a lot of family that work in the airline industry and the talk on the grapvine is that if there isn't a temporary spending bill the airports could start shutting down or operating at reduced capacity next week for safety reasons. This in effect means employees who work for private airlines and associated industries will get laid off until the money flows again.
Aesop's fucking fables warned about this, but some people really need to have their face eaten off by a leopard before they'll learn their lesson. Oh also hey guess what else isn't working because of the shutdown? Applications for disability assistance aren't being processed. It's a good thing only Democrat voters ever have any kind of problem right haha It's always the most vulnerable in society who suffer when the rich bastards in Congress decide to use a shutdown as political leverage. Using a shutdown for political leverage should be considered a violation of your oath of office and grounds for immediate impeachment/recall. Newt Gingrich should've been swallowed by his mother and is the biggest justification for legalized abortion.
Is this whole shutdown literally just a temper tantrum because Big Orange Baby can't get his fabled Wall funded? Jesus, this has been the worst presidency in the history of the US, maybe ever.
What a massive fucking baby. I hope this spikes his impeachment rating. He deserves to be impeached for this because he's purposefully hurting the American public for his stupid fucking per project to solve a problem that doesn't exist. In reality, I know it won't because the right-wing spin machine will blame this solely on the Democrats for being unable to compromise. I'll cheer more for Trump (and McConnell's) death more than I did for Osama Bin Laden. They've done more damage to this nation than a literal terrorist.
It's a bit late now to choose not to play
The turtle could end it at any moment if he wanted to. Repubs are just mad they don't control every branch, and even when they did, they didn't vote it in.
Reading this while knowing I'm waiting for my girlfriends new DACA permit to come in the mail gives me nothing but immense anxiety. If they can't afford to mail out a permit, they can't afford to do anything else right? Right??
Putin and co. must be ecstatic with the results of our presidential election. All of the damage being caused is literally akin to free sabotage. Free. Sabotage.
We have an obligation to return the favor.
ya I'd be surprised if this doesn't affect my plant.
Anyone have this morbid fascination to just watch to see how far this shutdown fucks up the country? I know its horrible but i find myself thinking each day "what has broken today" and reading intensely. I really want this to end soon though.
fucking with the military-industrial complex is a pretty surefire way to get yourself JFK'd
Guess https://www.reuters.com/article/amp/af/idUSKCN1P32Q9?utm_source=reddit.com Guess the shutdown is permanent
Imagine destroying the government because of a meme wall
I wish it was just imagination
It's obviously petty of me, and I feel horrible for thinking it, I wish the same, just for the people who voted for this shit to own people like me to feel the consequences of their own creation. "If I'm going down, you're coming down with me" essentially. This past two years have really left me jaded
knowing the effects of this, i just want off this hell-ride. knowing people affected by this, it's not fun watching this affect everyone because people cannot get their way in government. i don't even give a fuck about the wall, or who wins or loses, people are at stake and their homes, children, food on the table. this is getting to the point where i dont even care which side crumbles, and if people knew how it felt, they'd understand too.
The immigration courts are already so low in funding that the only deportation hearings being conducted are for people already in custody -- i.e. people who committed crimes -- as criminal proceedings are being kept on-schedule as a priority. Civil immigration court is essentially frozen, and DHS (which is an umbrella for ICE and other border-affecting sub-agencies) is running on contingency funds as well. While it's possible that ICE could stormtrooper boot the door in at any time because they get off on that bullshit now, this is the least-likely time for it to happen because the orange asshole's brilliant plan to improve border security, tada, harms border security by starving it of its funding just as much as every other agency that's in shutdown mode.
the biggest of babies, the tiniest of hands
can I ask you to elaborate? no offense but this sounds pretentious as fuck
Paradigm: 'a typical example or pattern of something; a pattern or model.' A detailed example would be the historical paradigm that infers a person's political leaning/camp from their choice of words when describing one powerful state invading and occupying another; 'colonialism' is the term used by those who don't necessarily see this as a bad thing but 'imperialism' is used by people who argue that this was a bad thing. Hence, in essays on the topic, you can often quickly look at the wording used to see what the person thinks of a specific thing. Regarding my use of it there, a similar paradigm doubtless emerges. I.e. if someone thinks/writes 'the man is a bad negotiator' for walking away from the meeting as a negotiating tactic then you could probably say with some certainty that they don't like Trump. On the other hand, if someone says 'he's a good negotiator' then you could assume that they with a degree of certainty they like Trump or, at a push, admire his negotiating technique. As a result, someone's initial reaction/language to what has happened almost immediately reveals their opinion with quite a high degree of reliability. Now, for homework, I'd like a 500 word essay on my table on Monday. Title is 'Examples of Paradigms in Each Academic Field'. Class dismissed.
I give it about a week or two at most, once airports shutdown it disrupts entire supply chains for businesses. People that normally don't participate in our democracy can't get there Amazon package in 2 days. Americans get hella pissed when people start messing with the supply of our shiny things and cheap goods. The stock market will lose confidence and start to plummet as well. Then at least we can do away with the conservative myth that the feds do nothing
I wasn't looking for the definition of the word paradigm, I thought that was obvious. If you can't tell that much from a single line, one has to wonder how well you can really infer political leanings I understand that you can probably tell if a person dislikes Trump when they say he's a bad negotiator. Duh. The post you made sounded like the tactic itself (not its use by Trump) was an indicator of a person's political leaning, which was what confused me
This sounds like the perfect consequence. You try and force a wall so hard that it causes the border to be even less secure, and then use that as an excuse as to why you need the wall
My post made perfect sense, to me and to numerous other people, so excuse me for assuming you didn’t know what the wording meant. It was the only logical assumption to make, as I can’t comprehend how you read the post in the manner in which you said it confused you. I also still don’t understand how a simple, non-political observation like that can be dumbed though.
it's not going to get better by doing this.
Excuse me if my autism is showing but I have no clue what I wrote that is worth disagreeing about? Trump is walking away as a negotiating tactic. How you look at him doing the above displays your political leaning. ???
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