• Montana legislature leader wants to donate state funds to pay for The Wall
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https://ktvq.com/news/montana-news/2019/01/09/montana-senate-president-wants-8m-state-funding-for-southern-border-wall/ HELENA – Montana Senate President Scott Sales said Wednesday he’ll ask the Legislature to express its formal support for President Trump’s southern border wall – and, put some taxpayer money where its mouth is. The Bozeman Republican said he’ll also be sponsoring a bill to appropriate $8 million of state money toward building the wall. “I think this is such a critical issue at a critical time that it behooves us to take a look at maybe prompting Congress to do what they should do,” he told MTN News in an interview. “And, in a small token way, providing a little bit of financial resources to get that job done.” President Trump has requested about $5 billion from Congress to build portions of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Congressional Democrats have refused to approve that spending, leading to a political standoff and a shutdown of the federal government. Sales said 8 million is the fraction of $5 billion that is equal to Montana’s share of the national economy. Sales’ proposals brought an immediate denunciation by one of the Legislature’s top Democrats, House Minority Leader Casey Schreiner of Great Falls. “State dollars are a finite resource; we had draconian cuts for human services (during the 2017 special session),” he told MTN News. “Yet we’re going to send money out-of-state for some unknown reason. It just doesn’t make any sense.”
weird way to spell mexico
What about small government? This seems pretty big-governmenty take-your-hard-earned-tax-dollars behaviour. Oh right it's to stick it to the beaners, I forgot, my bad. Shine on, Scott, you crazy racist diamond.
How does paying for a border wall help montana, a state nowhere near the mexican border?
It's not about helping, it's about hurting. Trump supporter complains shutdown is 'not hurting the people he needs to be hurting' | TheHill
I also just noticed this. Sales said 8 million is the fraction of $5 billion that is equal to Montana’s share of the national economy. So, Montana contributes 0.16% of the national economy while being one of 50 states (and therefore 2%, not counting DC and territories fucking up the nice round math)? Sounds like justification to drastically cut federal spending in Montana until they pull themselves up by their bootstraps and get a real economy going. After all, Republicans are all about shutting down government handouts to unproductive wastes of space that have no hope of paying back their contributions. That money can be diverted to spend on the fucking wall instead. Yes, I know that more people live in Calgary, Alberta, than all of Montana (true fact!), but lol, talk about fucked priorities.
He could sell himself if he wants to get that wall built so badly.
He already sold himself for Trump Tower Moscow and the Presidency, nobody wants second-hand goods. (Or third-/fourth-/etc. depending on how you want to look at his past business dealings.)
At what point is this just war? They already admit they were in this just to hurt us.
It's already an internal war. Whatever is left of Trump's base isn't trying to better the country, it's all about beating the Democrats. Democrats don't like the wall? Then we need the wall. If Democrats wanted to increase military spending, I would not at all be shocked if we saw 30% of the US suddenly flip and say the military is overfunded.
If they were that easy to manipulate, then stand back and watch me create the best two years of American history, given the current context. ahem Oh no, President Trump, I would be absolutely furious and I would look into moving to Canada if you give the DACA kids a path to citizenship, please don't do that. Yo, only pussies think weed should be illegal, that's why we're announcing the new Democrat Tough On Drugs platform because we're liberal pussies and we're scared of a plant. God I'll be so fucking pissed if taxes for the rich go up by 40%, I'll kill myself if that happens. Fuck you, Trump, don't do it! Get this on MSNBC and CNN and the country will be fixed by breakfast tomorrow.
I find it ironic how it's a prison employee who's saying that.
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