• Gilets jaunes protesters have knocked out 60% of France's speed cameras
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So are we going to complain about mindless violence from the vest side ? Cause we're getting "winner ratings" here.
A fund raised to give support to a boxer who saved a protester from being beaten by a cop was just arbitrarily closed by the government , I think that at this point, "mindless violence" is unfortunately the last form of protest that has a chance to achieve results.
From the yellow vest side how do they win this? They can either escalate protest until either those in power are deposed or action is taken by those in power, or they can sit around frowning while their worlds burn. It has been made abundantly clear that voting for slightly better members of the elite class will achieve nothing.
At some point there is just fucking nothing else you can do that will send a genuine message to a government that doesn't want to listen.
Those that make peaceful revolution impossible make violent rebellion inevitable.
Well then the Police shall get more violent.
We should all hope not. That will only increase the suffering of all involved.
So if one escalates their violence, the counter from the people who uphold the law is to not do anything about it ? You can't have it one way.
breaking speed cameras is very cool and legal
Destroying tools of oppression isn't fucking violence. Nobody's being harmed. Traffic Cameras do not have rights. Should it be legal to destroy government property? No, but eventually people will be forced to do illegal things in protest of their government if their government refuses to listen to legal protests. If they're going to be breaking the law, this is a pretty preferable way to do so.
So the speed camera is a tool of oppression ? Do tell me how. I am very interested in the speed cameras tool to oppress the masses.
Large-scale government surveillance used to enforce law en masse is a hallmark of oppression, yes.
I think it's worth noting that what's illegal isn't amoral. And that even if breaking stupid spite machines is amoral (it isn't) then I'd argue it's infinitely more amoral to force them to live under neoliberal capitalism.
Depends on the camera. If it's explicitly stated there's a camera, it serve it's purpose by reducing speed. If it's hidden, the goal is clearly to rack in money.
that image in the op doesn’t look “destroyed”, just disabled.
they are traffic cameras they're here because a lot of accidents happen in that area, because people didn't slow down. and now there's a higher chance people will die on theses roads. let's just get rid of traffic codes because it's "governement oppression" right? not everything touched by the governement is some kind of demon coming for your rights.
I agree with the spirit of this post but the wording makes it sound like the speed cameras themselves are being used to oppress people, as opposed to them simply being property of the oppressors to which damage would provide an inconvenience. What are people supposed to do when their only representation comes from various members of an elite class that do not give a single fuck about them? damaging government property is a good way of making it the government's problem, drawing attention to suffering they are otherwise so indifferent towards.
Are we gonna talk about the fact that peaceful protest is absolutely fuckin useless in any modern liberal democracy and the only way these corporatist neoliberal puppet leaders are ever going to listen to people is if the do something to make them listen. It's refreshing to finally see some actual resistance to the status-quo.
but they don't really have any demands just 'make things better'
Smashing a few cameras ain't going to get their attention though. Dragging them out of their offices/refusing to allow them to leave them would probably work better.
Speed cameras negatively affect the poor.
fuck speed cameras
Low effort much.
no need to put in a lot of effort into an absolute trap
Ah yes, just casually advocate for police brutality. You're letting your fascist colors show. Maybe step down your "power level" a little, you obvious alt-righter?
First of all, I am stating a fact that happens when protests go out of hand and into the unrelated parts. Second, you're accusing me of being a "obvious alt-righter" with no justification for that post ? Could have atleast done a casual post history to atleast back up that claim, but nah, lets just label people. Good job.
Stating an assumed outcome is not necessarily advocating it. And your reaction is that the poster must be a "fascist" and an "alt-righter". He doesn't see how breaking speed cameras helps their cause and it might even cause the police to be even more aggressive. Feel free to disagree, but stop throwing around childish insults, the things he posted were not fascist or alt-right, if so, please explain.
"ARE WE GONNA TALK ABOUT BOTH SIDES HUH??????" "Oh well, guess the cops gotta start clubbing heads ;)" This isn't a snide remark, but automated fines based on shitty cameras that have the same margin of error that normal cop radar guns do can fuck over those with an inability to live on anything other than paycheck to paycheck. Which, you know, clearly isn't a problem for someone as well off as you're going to claim to be in response to this.
Yeah, why not ? I've seen videos of police breaking protester phones because they are filming, but they also destroyed art and random peoples cars. So yes, let's talk about BOTH SIDES. Good work on putting words into my mouth. That's not how that works. That's not how any of it works. Uhm, okay. So you are calling me rich because I advocated AGAINST smashing speed cameras for petty reasons ? I think you gotta reevaluate some of the stuff you just said, because you really came off like a dick here.
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