• White House preparing for Ginsburg retirement or death one day after her absence
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https://www.politico.com/story/2019/01/10/trump-white-house-urging-allies-to-prepare-for-possible-rbg-departure-1096102 The White House is reaching out to political allies and conservative activist groups to prepare for an ailing Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s possible death or departure from the Supreme Court —an event that would trigger the second bitter confirmation battle of President Donald Trump’s tenure. The outreach began after Ginsburg, 85, on Monday missed oral arguments at the court for the first time in her 25 years on the bench. The justice, who was nominated to the court by President Bill Clinton in 1993, announced in late December that she underwent a surgical procedure to remove two cancerous growths from her lungs. The White House "is taking the temperature on possible short-list candidates, reaching out to key stakeholders, and just making sure that people are informed on the process," said a source familiar with those conversations, who spoke on background given the delicate nature of the subject. Ginsburg told an audience in mid-December that she “will do this job as long as I can do it full steam.” As a candidate in July 2016, Trump tweeted that her “mind is shot — resign!” But after her surgery last month he wished her a “full and speedy recovery."
ah fuck. Please don't go. Just a little bit longer
Hate to say it, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if she was outlived by Donald Trump.
If she dies the Supreme Court will be the most conservative it has been in literally a century. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lochner_era
Under any other president, the president preparing to nominate a new supreme court justice in this situation wouldn't feel as slimy and dirty.
and nothing bad happened economically or socially between 1897 and 1937, so everything wil be fine this time too!
She literally just missed oral arguments. She is still working and doing other shit, she just didn't go in to work because he doctors said she shouldn't.
I genuinely feel there is a need to overhaul how the supreme court works for just how much it can fuck over generations. There should be no mechanism to enable such blatant oppression, yet it is clear that the supreme court is such a mechanism. I don't know what it would take to enact overhauling it, but I know it needs to be done in order for the country and its greater reach to not be corrosive for the greater number of people.
Any of these -Fixed term length -Age limit -Restrict how many appointments can be made by a president of a certain party -Increase the size of the court
I agree, but you're ignoring the larger context. A young supreme court member missing arguments due to something contagious but normal like the flu is one thing. A judge who is past their health prime recovering from something major like cancer is another. Any president, regardless of political persuasion, would and should be preparing a nomination just due to how her advanced age is going make a full recovery not necessarily impossible, but more of a challenge. I admire her for being the champion she is, and don't want to see her go, but I would be critical of any president who wasn't preparing for it. But I prefer that people are always prepared for any situation.
I would agree with increasing the size of the court, and to an extent I would agree with the number of nominations from a single president/party. Life term limits are there for a reason though; to maintain stability. If we had a supreme Court whose justices switched every 4 years it would be a political nightmare in regards to constitutionally important cases. Imagine if we as a country just flip flop every few years on things like gay marriage or abortions. That's the kind of thing that would happe, because unlike writing and enacting a law which requires hundreds of people to agree, legally challenging current law only requires 5 people to agree. All it takes is an uneven bench and you could see things change very rapidly.
her own doctor also said that things are progressing normally and that her not being able to go to work in her full capacity just yet is to be expected
I get the feeling her ribs aren't as healthy as they're cracked out to be.
That's gotta be a ton of fuckin pressure RBG is under from a situational standpoint. We gotta lend her our power or somethin coz as soon as she's gone they're gonna get Kauvanaugh 2 The Kauvaning rolling before she's in the ground.
that photo makes it look like she's about spit some straight fire i'd give a kidney to hear a RBG mixtape
She may be calling you to collect on that soon.
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