• Oregon congressman introduces bill H.R. 420, to legalize and regulate cannabis
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https://www.wweek.com/news/courts/2019/01/09/rep-earl-blumenauer-proposed-a-new-law-h-r-420-which-would-regulate-cannabis-like-alcohol/ On Jan. 9, U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) introduced a bill, H.R. 420, proposing the federal government remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act and put the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in charge of regulating the drug. "While the bill number may be a bit tongue-in-cheek, the issue is very serious," says Blumenauer, who is co-chair of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus. "Our federal marijuana laws are outdated, out of touch and have negatively impacted countless lives. Congress cannot continue to be out of touch with a movement that a growing majority of Americans support. It's time to end this senseless prohibition." Taking marijuana off the list of substances governed by the Controlled Substances Act would allow federal dollars to fund research into the health impacts and potential uses of cannabis. Dubbed the "Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol Act," the bill would also allow cannabis businesses to access traditional banking services that they cannot use under existing federal law. The federal move to de-criminalize weed would also loosen the reigns on states that have already legalized cannabis. If regulated by the ATF, cannabis could potentially be sold across state lines, which would be a boon for states like Oregon with a surplus of marijuana.
Where's my smarked rating.
I really personally dislike most people that I've met who smoke marijuana but this is still by far the right move, good on my state to be the one who's trying it. I know that those in the government try this pretty consistently and it fails though.
I'm guessing this is unlikely to pass?
House'll probably pass it but the Turtle won't put it to a vote so GOP senators in agricultural states don't have to look bad.
Unless you ask or drug test everyone you meet, I bet you've met and liked people who smoked/otherwise consumed marijuana and you didn't know about it.
I should rephrase, I suppose since the way I typed it was pretty harsh. I should say that the people who have smoked weed and make it apparent tend to be people I do not very much enjoy. I don't hate them because they smoke weed I just dislike how much they make it a big deal that they do. Hope I clarified correctly
I dont like the idea of the A.T.F being in charge. I feel like this could be gamed by larger interests to increase the barrier for entry for smaller operations. Alcohol industry does it to pretty good effect.
The ATF can't regulate guns without crossing into unconstitutional territory. I can't wait to see how they monumentally fuck up regulating weed. 2019: Weed is federally legalized, ATF is in charge and limits possession to 0.5 oz without a tax stamp 2020: ATF has now made shoe strings illegal as they are both machine guns and used to carry weed over the legal possession limit
In this day and age, I've met more people who are casual about smoking weed, than not. It's legal here and I've yet to run into anyone who's a 420 blaze it clown. They were more prevalent before legalization efforts started happening. Also people on the internet who have 420 or other silly things related to weed in their online handles make me laugh at that person, as a weed smoker
It definitely has to do with the environment that I usually meet people in, that being school. Generally the kids at school who talk about weed a lot like ONLY talk about doing drugs and makes them very disinteresting to me painting a poor image of anyone like that.
Are you in high school? Because if you're in high school and using any sort of psychoactive substances you're an idiot. Wait until you're 21.
Yeah, I can respect that. It's one thing to use weed, it's another to not give a shit about your appearance and just go about your whole day blazed out of your bloodshot eyes with a hoodie reeking of joint smoke, which some people do. And, obviously, if you've just come straight out of hotboxing it with your friends or whatever, no shit you're going to have dank stench, but if you've had a chance to shower and put clean clothes on and you forego the opportunity because you don't give a fuck? Yeah, nah. But really, at that point the problem usually isn't the weed, it's the smoker. Chances are their life is hardly shooting to great new heights day by day if that's how they conduct themselves in general, and the weed is just a coping mechanism.
I don't partake in it but yeah I know well enough that it is not a good time
I don't get why marijuana is so hyped up. It just makes me jack off and fall asleep.
That or they'll just set up shop in some marijuana company's warehouse and start selling illegal weed to fund their black budget.
Starting with Nixon's drug war, mostly it was an easy excuse to crack down on hippies and the leftist movements associated with them, and black people. Still used for the latter to this day
It's late now and I'll probably miss it so I'll give a diamond to the first person to screencap OP when it gets 69 lucky ratings.
There's a reason they excluded alcohol and tobacco and placed weed in the highest enforcement category, because those are conservative white people drugs and weed is a liberal/black people drug. If they didn't exclude alcohol and tobacco and adhered to their own rules for categories, alcohol and tobacco would be in the highest enforcement category and weed would be in the lowest.
For me personally, it helped me to focus, and actually get enough motivation to get shit done. I have anxiety and depression (possibly even PTSD from living with an abusive parent but no confirmation on that from actual medical testing), so the effects of marijuana to effectively "shut up" those nagging parts of my psyche essentially liberates me from my own personal Hell where I fear failure/disappointing others to the extent that I don't even bother to try.
Some days all you need is something to help you jack off and fall asleep
weed is a de enabler... so many parties and meetups i skipped out on cause i was like "na fuck that" weed isolates you maaan. at this point when i go to hang out with my friends i pass on the blunts and bongs cause i know if i start gettin ripped i aint gonna wanna hang out much longer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8g3XXLTUpo that shit WILL rob you of ur ambition
I kinda agree but I honestly prefer that 'nah fuck that', like I'll chill with the dogs and toke for hours just to shoot the shit. Usually it keeps everyone from getting shitface hammered in my group and the environment just stays chill. Obvs this affects everyone different though
That's what it does to everybody. Legalization of marijuana isn't about the hype, it's about getting thousands of people out of jail for the absolute bullshit crime of having a plant that makes you want to stay and home and jack off and fall asleep. Weed isn't legal because it's bad for you, if we made everything bad for you illegal we wouldn't have alcohol or beef. Weed is illegal because it's the vice of choice for poor people, and putting poor people in jail is a really good way for the government to get free legal slave labor. Legalizing marijuana isn't a "lmao let me get high you narcs" issue, it's a social issue that's intertwined with America's long history of systemic racism and oppression of the poor.
It irks me that they didn't capitalize the world "like".
No I'm for marijuana for that exact reason. I want it deregulated because it doesn't really do shit and it shouldn't have been regulated in the first place. You don't have to convince me: I know.
there's more to it than stroking your knob and passing out, such as enabling folks with extreme anxiety to actually do things
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