• Harris teases presidential run to Colbert
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Well, duh. She's obviously been maneuvering towards that end since 2016. Not my favorite candidate in the field, but a vote's not a love letter. If she manages to win the primaries, I'll fight for her. Same goes for the rest of the prospectives.
What if Trump is the Democratic candidate?
She's not my favorite either but in terms of average Democrat she's been very liberal and definitely preferable to a Biden or Booker in my opinion. Being for Medicare For All is my highest priority and she's a supporter. https://twitter.com/KamalaHarris/status/1079887680224329728
Sure, That's your good opinion, But for my opinion I don't see this yet in action if she supposedly starting co-sponsoring Medicare for All bill(s) in near future. And if that happens, I may congrats her for not acting like stereotypical Status-quo based centrist corporatist Democrat even she wins in 2020 Democratic Primaries.
"The middle class" is so utterly meaningless and so repulsive an expression. If precarity exists into the so-called "middle class" then surely it also exists for the working class? By this vague definition, if you're middle class in a time of financial inequity doesn't that mean you're a beneficiary of the status quo? The neoliberal ideology is so much like a scripture it might as well be conservative
its like campaigning in New Hampshire, you have to have the middle class in even though as an entity its been pretty much pushed back into the working class thanks to people who cared about them.
That's a pretty good agenda. I would only add tackling the student loan crisis - cause whoever is serious about that is guaranteed to get the millennials out and voting.
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