• German politician Andre Poggenburg leaves the AfD, wants to found new party
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Let me guess, AfD not extreme enough for him?
The article redirects to another article about him as a local leader in the AfD resigning after "controversies regarding speeches, online comments, and leaked WhatsApp messages." That article states this: Andre Poggenburg is the head of the party in the eastern state of Saxony-Anhalt. He prompted an outcry in mid-February after describing people of Turkish origin in Germany as "camel drivers" and "caraway seed traders" in a speech to AfD supporters. Combined with a quote in the OP's article from Poggenburg: Poggenburg's differences with the AfD party leadership in Berlin had "ultimately taken on an insurmountable scale, leading me to decide that I had to continue my political struggle for this country outside the AfD," Poggenburg told Die Welt. And I think it's safe to say that you're actually right on the money. Unfortunately.
i wonder what he'll call it, you know i think making all worker's feel integrated is important, and everyone knows patriotism and social security is important, so what about the nation's socialistic worker's party? wait a minute
It's called "Emergence of German Patriots — Central Germany" according to the article, aka party of blowhards pretending to know what "real Germany" is. Is it so fucking hard to concede that maybe the Germany of today is not the Germany of the 1960s and that attempting to turn back the clock is fucking stupid?
I never thought I would write on FP about this and I can't go into much detail because I need to stay anonymous but I know one of his AfD buddies, Robert Farle personally and he one of the slimiest people I have ever met. Try to translate his website to see for yourself what kind of nutjobs these people are. (I am from Sachsen-Anhalt) (@ignhelper you never visited me ;_; )
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