• U.S.-led coalition says it has started Syria withdrawal
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False flag for Rojava invasion will probably come about a month after extraction.
SDF will probably align themselves with the SAA in order to defend against Turkish invasion.
Are the UK also pulling out? That would seem... weak... of the 'second most powerful country on Earth' given his motivation for withdrawal was purely American politics.
Are we even in Syria, I was under the impression we only had a military presence in Afghanistan.
I'm not actually sure. I suppose if there is any sneaky extra-judicial SAS/SBS ops going on, they will be piggybacking off US logistics and potentially under US command and so pull out anyway. The RAF has a heavy presence, however, and as bad as it is I can imagine Syria has been a very useful testing ground for porting Tornado's capability over to Typhoon, and will soon be combat testing Lightning.
Mission... attempted?
I wonder if its because he's just going towards privatization
Removing US troops was always going to be a positive PR move so he could have just done it to win some percentage points on his approval rating.
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