• White House documents show Brett Kavanaugh lied to Congress in 2006 and 2018
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https://epic.org/2019/01/epic-foia-kavanaugh-and-yoo-co.html Newly released emails from the Bush Whitehouse reveal that Brett Kavanaugh and John Yoo, architect of the warrantless surveillance program, exchanges several messages about warrantless surveillance programs in the fall of 2001. The release follows EPIC's FOIA lawsuit for Justice Kavanaugh's records from when his nomination was before the United States Senate. The new records show that there were multiple emails about the warrantless surveillance program that was eventually overturned by the US Congress. The emails also reference a signing statement—likely for the 2001 authorization of military force — and a discussion thread "FISA [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] letter." The agency previously identified several hundred e-mails about surveillance programs that Kavanaugh authored. But the text of many emails was withheld in full, leaving open questions about Kavanaugh's role in the post-9/11 surveillance programs. Video evidence of perjury
Why is this man not in a cold prison cell yet for knowingly perjuring himself? Is this the supposed justice that people put their trust in? If Giulani shows up at this point and attempts to pass off perjury as "not being a crime and even if it was it doesn't matter" he deserves to end up suffering the same punishment as Kavanaugh.
You mean the man who acted like a complete asshole and dodged questions left and right during his hearings? Well color me surprised
too late to stop him but flake is down, and collins and graham are up for reelection
Or Democrats can simply subpoena him and get him indicted for perjury
Would that cost him the Scotus Seat?
Not until he voluntarily resigns, if he had access to court documents he could even serve from prison
After reading through all they show is that he sent Emails saying something about FISA and one containing this: Any results yet on the 4A implications of random/constant surveillance of phone and e-mail conversations of non-citizens who are in the United States when the purpose of the surveillance is to prevent terrorist/criminal violence? Source one email proves absolutely nothing. We need more context. He might have known but there isn't anything that without a doubt proves he knew. This is just a bunch of hot air.
The video shows him testifying under oath that he had no knowledge of any surveillance until a New York Times story
Yup, I wish they were not redacted then we'd have a better idea what the heck they were actually talking about.
I don't understand how you can have an SCJ remain in their seat having done something like this that is ultimately against the institution they represent?
Because winning and chumping liberals is all that matters to the right, now.
Maybe this explains why the gop rushed his nomination so hard
the number of things he's said and done during the hearing made anyone who watched it hate the guy. the gop don't care lol, whatever lines their pockets. adn theoretically the SC justices can be impeached, but they're also the ones who can determine the validity of that. kavanaugh would obviously vote nay
Justices can be impeached and if the vote threshold is met nothing can be done about it. One was almost impeached in 1810 for political bias but it failed and that's the only time one ever had impeachment hearings.
We already knew he was lying back then, now there's just more evidence.
I dunno, a SCJ serving from a high security federal prison sounds like the makings of a shitty Netflix show.
Prison Justice: Hard Cell Coming to Netflix near you in january 2020
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