• Trump has gone to extraordinary lengths to hide details of his talks with Putin
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https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/trump-has-concealed-details-of-his-face-to-face-encounters-with-putin-from-senior-officials-in-administration/2019/01/12/65f6686c-1434-11e9-b6ad-9cfd62dbb0a8_story.html President Trump has gone to extraordinary lengths to conceal details of his conversations with Russian President Vladi­mir Putin, including on at least one occasion taking possession of the notes of his own interpreter and instructing the linguist not to discuss what had transpired with other administration officials, current and former U.S. officials said. Trump did so after a meeting with Putin in 2017 in Hamburg that was also attended by then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. U.S. officials learned of Trump’s actions when a White House adviser and a senior State Department official sought information from the interpreter beyond a readout shared by Tillerson. The constraints that Trump imposed are part of a broader pattern by the president of shielding his communications with Putin from public scrutiny and preventing even high-ranking officials in his own administration from fully knowing what he has told one of the United States’ main adversaries. As a result, U.S. officials said there is no detailed record, even in classified files, of Trump’s face-to-face interactions with the Russian leader at five locations over the past two years. Such a gap would be unusual in any presidency, let alone one that Russia sought to install through what U.S. intelligence agencies have described as an unprecedented campaign of election interference.
I don't quite understand why this is allowed to even be a thing, you would think detailed interactions with another power wouldn't be able to be hidden away like this, like this sort of thing should be illegal.
Hope the interpreter has FBI protection
Smells like treason, boys.
Literally the President of the United States discussing treasonous plans with a former KGB agent.
Guys maybe they were just talking about their favorite pussies to grab
But Hillary fainted guys The one brilliant thing about Trump being a rich narcissistic brat is that he's never been seriously challenged in his life -- he's always had everyone around him either look away or deliberately join in and help cover up his bullshit. As a result, he's not very good at hiding it. He has no idea how overwhelmingly suspicious his behaviour looks to everyone else because he's always been surrounded by enablers.
Arrest the fuck now.
I wonder if Russia intended for Trump to lose and use his base's anger to get an actually intelligent Russian agent to win in 2024. Trump is just so retarded he's exposed their entire plans.
Such as... America?
Wow, that's not suspicious or anything, nope, no sir. Imagine losing the Cold War just to own the libs.
I bet the shutdown is going on not because of the wall, but because the intention is to weaken the US government as much as possible, possibly even to the brink of collapse. Trump's orders are to actively destroy the USA. Calling it.
Its only becoming more and more fucking evident. This retard does things that actively hurt us
Congress really needs to pass a law outlawing this. I can understand classifying information discussed at a meeting like that but at the very least ALL discussions like that should be public to Congress. And unless they're discussing classified information it should be public to, well, the public as well.
If that's the case does it mean Americans are even more stupid than they expected to be
I wonder why
seems about as fishy as Nixon's audiotapes
Also I feel like this WaPo article is timely. Open in incognito/block scripting to avoid paywall. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2019/01/10/times-trump-has-sided-with-foreign-country-over-his-own-government/
This is the kind of shit that would get this pork chop lined against a wall and shot. This is the kind of administration that won't let that happen because they let this happen.
I just like to imagine Obama doing any of this shit. Just any ONE thing Trump has done. And see how utterly GRILLED his ass would be from all sides, especially the idiots who are currently supporting Trump. If the sides were reversed it would have been total fucking anarchy
His election and policies have sparked large reforms in the Federal government of the United States. So, in the end, people who voted for Trump because they were "fed up with the system" and wanted to shake things up turned out to be right all along?
Man, if that's the best defense they've got...
"no u" is the ultimate defense, actually
Trump doth protest too much https://twitter.com/yashar/status/1084273498191613952 https://twitter.com/jdawsey1/status/1084274139899314178 https://twitter.com/maggieNYT/status/1084273805676167169?
"It's so ridiculous that I'm not even going to try to explain logically why it is, and instead say Obama was a pussy." "ps. pls stop bullying me "
https://twitter.com/maggieNYT/status/1084275120619831296 https://twitter.com/jdawsey1/status/1084272698417659904
Good news is that if any intelligence agency in the Western world learned what was discussed in that room, possibly by intercepting phone calls or digital communication from either the Russians or Trump and Co themselves, so too has Mueller. While we can debate the morality of intelligence agencies like the NSA hoovering up emails, phone calls, etc, the silver lining is that we now know that Mueller has direct, unfiltered access to said data for every person of interest in this case. The revelation that the counter-intelligence probe and criminal investigation into Trump had been merged into a single operation under the Special Counsel ensures that he has every single intelligence agency in the Western world's data at his fingertips to peruse as needed -- solely because of the Obama investigation expanding intelligence sharing between allies and agencies via executive order in his final weeks in office. Thanks, Obama.
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