• Alabama official calls for public hangings of convicted police killers
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https://www.wvtm13.com/article/alabamas-state-auditor-calls-for-public-hangings-for-convicted-cop-killers/26136060 Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler wrote President Donald Trump asking him to include legislation mandating the death penalty for the murder of any law enforcement officer, including public hangings. "I believe that to get the attention of a would-be killer who might kill a law enforcement officer, he needs to know that the old-fashioned public hanging has been brought back," Zeigler told WVTM 13's Erin Kelly Monday. It comes after the deaths of three Alabama officers in the past year. Two officers were killed in the line of duty last month. "I agree that public hanging is extreme, but also, killing a law enforcement officer is extreme," he said. "You’ve got to get the attention of these would-be killers in order for it to be a deterrent."
As if capital punishment isn't cruel & unusual as it is. This is disgusting.
"It would be a deterrent" Yeah because the death penalty has been a deterrent so far. Goddamn my state is so fucking stupid it absolutely boggles the fucking MIND
He's only saying it like that because it would be the "unacceptible" kind of racism to say "let's bring back lynching black people" (I put that in quotes because all racism should be unacceptible)
I have exactly less than zero sympathy for cop killers but fuck's sake do we really need to turn executions into a public spectacle?
Why? do we not have a court system? do we not have penalties on the books for murder? do we believe in mob justice over the court of law? stop fucking advocating for a totalitarian state
but cops matter more than other people
What a blatant dogwhistle to refer to black criminals
Oh fuck off. I have nothing against capital punishment but this is just excessive and barbaric. Public hangings don't deter anything.
How long until social morality degenerates to the point where public officials don't even bother to dogwhistle anymore when they call for the day of the rope?
i hope this pushes more people into vigilantism against cops tbh
Yes, let's hope cops get killed because some dumbfuck official opened his fat fucking mouth. What amazing logic.
“We need the 2nd amendment to fight off a tyranical government” “Police officers are perfect and can never do wrong”
So solve a problem by making it into an even bigger problem, what a fantastic idea you do realize that encouraging cop killing would just make cops more likely to harm an innocent out of personal fear right?
Yeah it feels like he's just trying to give white supremacists the lynchings they never got to see.
they're already afraid enough that they've made a habit out of unloading shots into people running away, what difference does it make to give them a reason to be afraid?
Fucking christ, Alabama is one of the last place that needs to be exploring the idea of public hangings. On a side note wasn't there a lynching memorial that opened up in Alabama not to long ago, that rustled some jimmies?
Yeah that worked out swimmingly last time.
I don't trust these officials to stop at cop killers exclusively. They'll probably expand the scope of criminals eligible for hanging for robbers, vandals, and those caught in possession of drugs which would make it even easier to put more people of different skin tone on the noose.
these same dumb hyperbolic ideas are why we have a standing law to invade the Netherlands if any american ever is tried at the Hague
Nor does capital punishment for that matter.
I never said it did, tho.
Republicans are barbarians and savages. Nothing particularly new or surprising...
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