• Trump says he will meet North Korea's Kim Jong Un in Vietnam in late February
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sempai trump has such a way with dictators <3
Who fucking cares
gee i can't wait for them to "make peace" and have republicans spout "TRUMP BEFRIENDED NORTH KOREA LIBTARDS BTFO" for the 3 months before NK goes back to being a nuke testing hermit
So will this be during or after the shutdown
na they'll just continue insisting that NK is totally denuclearized and everything is perfect while drumming up support for a war in Iran over their nuclear project which as far as we know publically has been halted according to the intelligence community that trump and co so routinely ignore.
Another pointless photo-op to inflate his ego and show the illusion of something happening there.
I kinda do, because its the opposite of what i would expect again.
Imagine if Kim somehow managed to just kidnap Trump and hold him hostage.
Imagine if Kimmie genuinely makes peace, denuclearize, modernize and open up and then a few years down the line when people ask if Trump helped make it real he says "lol, no way".
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