• Virginia House passes bill to raise minimum smoking age to 21
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Virginia House passes bill to raise minimum smoking age to 21 Virginia House passes bill to raise minimum smoking age to 21 http://media.graytvinc.com/images/690*388/cigarette28.jpg As Virginia stays in the national spotlight for Governor Ralph Northam's 1984 medical school yearbook showing a racist photo, state lawmakers are still working to get bills through both the House and Senate before the end of Crossover Day, the deadline for each chamber of the General Assembly to pass bills for the other chamber to consider. One of those bills is a measure to raise the age of purchasing and possessing tobacco products in the commonwealth of Virginia from 18 to 21. HB 2748 passed the House of Delegates on a 67-31-1 vote Tuesday morning. Delegate Collins abstained. The bill, which has the support of Republican House Speaker Kirk Cox, includes “nicotine vapor products, and alternative nicotine products, and the minimum age for persons such products can be sold to.” It was proposed after the U.S. Surgeon General characterized teenage vaping as an epidemic. “By raising the minimum age for purchase to 21, this will have a positive effect on our schools by lessening the chances of teenagers obtaining vaping products from friends and classmates who are already 18," said Cox.
Not sure I agree with this, but I'm rather surprised that VA of all places is doing it being tobacco country.
doesnt do any good, here in cali the age is 21 and the shops sell to kids regularly
better idea: stop arbitrarily restricting things at 21 and maintain the one limit
tbh that doesnt really make a difference
Altria is for it, I think because it will probably hurt vape products more than cigarettes
which is 21, smoking was the outlier thanks to strong aggressive lobbying back in the 80s and 90s when states raised the drinking age.
basically everything else is at 18. it makes little sense that one's eligible for military service but not a beer
Does it make any more or less sense for someone to have to be 35 to be president? We do it this way because there are 18 year old highschools, which makes it easier for 15 year old highschoolers to get them to buy alcohol for them. I know I used to buy cigarettes for my friends when I was 18. However, the gap between a 21 year old and a 15 year old is gigantic. I wouln't buy cigarettes or alcohol for a 15 year old at this point in my life.
I don't inherently have a beef with the age limit but it's just the hypocrisy of allowing people to enlist in the military and also the subtle implication that young people in the US aren't mature enough to make their own decisions compared to other countries like Canada, the UK or the EU.
eh well the military one is of necessity, plus 18 is when schooling in the US ends and people have to join a profession of some kind. I get the argument but I'd rather ban all smoking as it is because its an industry that has no positives whatsoever
Unfortunately prohibition never works.
I'm 22 and live in the Bay Area and I've been carded plenty of times when buying beer and cigars
We let kids go to war at 18 and die for our country, but they can't even drink or smoke until they turn 21. We got some weird priorities in this nation.
the priority is that it saves lives to keep the drinking age at 21. It's not that we don't trust an 18 year old to drink responsibly, it's that we don't trust an 18 year old to not buy beer for his 16 year old friends who definitely won't drink responsibly
Saying this as someone who’s childhood consisted of watching a family member slowly die from smoking complications over the course of several years, this is a terrible idea.
If we can't trust an 18 year old not to do that, we probably shouldn't have them enlist in the military.
and a 21 year old person won't buy beer for an 18 year old?
They will, but it's less of a problem
I feel like this is a very naive and very idealist view of the world.
The numbers agree with me. Raising the drinking age lowered the incidence of drunk driving and vehicle mortality
What if we changed drinking culture instead? Other countries manage to be just fine with lower drinking ages.
TBH dismantling the smoking industry with vaping as a stop gap measure is a pretty clear cut move to me. Then after that we can try and tackle the nicotine content in ecigs until the drug is completely gone from the public consciousness.
not everyone follows procedure
That sounds awfully like a nanny state kind of thing.
tobacco cultivation is too complicated and too low margin to illegally cultivate. Besides which it'd probably be better for people without the tobacco companies doping it to drive up the nicotine. And unlike weed, there is absolutely no positive benefits to mankind for smoking.
It's hardly arbitrary, 21 is a good age because the prefrontal cortex is mostly developed by that age.
Other countries don't drive as much
Yeah, which is why you import black market cigarettes from other states or countries. In Australia taxes are so high these days that illegal tobacco (known as chop chop) is a fucking massive market.
Just because you remember being morons at 18 doesn't mean everyone else was so stunted as to need their rights stripped away too.
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