• Candace Owens: “If Hitler just wanted to make Germany great [...] OK Fine"
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God, I am so completely exhausted with the constant spew of semantic dreck from conservative mouthpieces Sure I guess if words don't mean anything anywhere to anyone and history doesn't exist and nothing ever happens for any reason and you lobotomize yourself in order to avoid putting so much as a picosecond of thought into it and remove your eyes and ears so you never have any chance of reading or hearing any of the actual real history about it Hitler totally was fine and definitely wasn't a nationalist he was a gosh darned GLOBALMAN
Can we have these people forcibly reeducated yet or is it too late to teach an old dog new tricks?
i have no idea how candace owens gets to stay in the spot light, she is mentally retarded and has no fucking idea what she is talking about. she went on the joe rogan podcast and made an absolute fool of herself. she is literally just a conservative who wants to own the libs by any means possible.
I know I'm stating the obvious, but apparently this shit needs to be reiterated for those who missed elementary history and are trying to rebrand Hitler as some sort of far-left globalist.
Sounds exactly like the type of person you'd expect on there.
Another thing to add to this: Nazi Nationalism may have been pro-German, but they most certainly had very specific definitions of what what and what wasn't German. This is the thing they forget. He was not making Germany for All Germans, he was making it for his Aryan Germans.
I think I heard somewhere that many of these right-wing personalities aren't actually that right-wing at all irl and are just doing it for clicks, views and popularity. Alt-right views sell (at least for now)
It has interesting implications as well, there's an interesting subset of antisemites who believe the entire Nazi regime was a Jewish conspiracy to make them look bad. She's essentially taking the same line but replacing the words Jew and Aryan with their associated dogwhistles.
Watch Destiny's interview with Owen's if you want to laugh. Goodness this woman is dumb.
There are certainly some odious hucksters just looking to make a buck (Dave Rubin comes to mind), but I think many of them, like Candace Owens, are legitimately that fucking stupid.
Her discussion with Joe Rogen on Climate Change was embarrassing.
If Hitler was an American and alive today, the Republican party would support him 100%.
I'm not gonna derail here but if that's your genuine opinion you're a fool
That's really not a very convincing argument. Have you considered explaining why it's not true maybe? That might actually convince someone.
Calling people fools is in fact the pinnacle of debating rebuttal.
Not quite, he wouldn't be a democrat nor a republican. He supported socialism very strongly. His nationalism is anti-Jew or anti-Marxist (as many Marxist intellectuals were Jewish at the time). The Republican party is very much pro-Jewish and therefore wouldn't be compatible with Hitler at all. The democrats probably support Marxism (leftist philosophy) and so would also clash with him. He wouldn't be a Libertarian either because he was a collectivist/socialist.
It's Asparkle, not worth the effort.
No. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUFvG4RpwJI
repeat after me: socialism as espoused by the nazis is not socialism. Any form of socialism that deliberately exclused so-called untermensch cannot be described as anything other than discriminatory and was a common practice among fascists and nazis, but then again if you didn't obey them and toe their line, you too, aryan or not, would be punished just as severely.
"Hitler is a socialist" is a line used by right wing idiots thinking they need to somehow distance themselves from Hitler They see in black and white terms, and if Hitler is a socialist, the left are a part of that Nazi idealogy, not the right You do realize marx was the first person to create 'socialism' right? If we really want to get technical, Jesus was a socialist before it was cool
Modern American Hitler would switch the hate to Mexicans and Muslims. Also nothing says Socialism like cutting taxes on the rich, supporting big corporations, dismantling trade unions and having other socialists killed for their views, right?
there's no point in indulging in the "Hitler was socialist argument" as it's either willful ignorance, a ploy to bait people into wasting their time or a tool of dumb demagoguery to demonize the other side.
this is my favorite meme!
If you're not going to bother explaining why someone is wrong, don't expect anyone to believe you. There's more to this than just ASparkle regardless of your opinion on them as a user. Arguments don't serve only to convince the person you are arguing against but those who are passively reading the conversation as well. And from the point of view of one of those people, NoPartyHats made no valid point whatsoever. And your post doesn't validate his either since you're just trying to handwave his lack of effort.
This. Hitler used socialist rhetoric as an excuse for what was essentially just nepotism. The end goal of his game of nationalizing and privatizing industries was just to provide rewards to his friends (Fritz Sauckel and Ferdinand Porsche for example). It was based on benefiting loyalists in the interest of consolidating power, not benefitting the masses or specific social classes.
You just said he isn't socialist and then described Hitler as being a socialist. Good Job
It's a conservative thing to get pretty women on their side for (supposed) credibility, I guess.
Did we read the same post?
do you know what socialism actually is
Please learn to read, I specifically said Hitler used redistribution to benefit those loyal to him rather than a specific social class. The idea of socialism is redistribution for the benefit of a specific social class.
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