• Germans trust China more than the US, survey finds
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Well that's dumb. The US might be being stupid right now, but China is far worse.
I imagine it’s less because they see America as more-authoritarian than China, and more that America is becoming increasingly unstable. Government shutdowns are a bizarre phenomena outside of the US, yet they seem to be a constant, looming threat there. Elections happen every 2 years in the US, way more often than the rest of the world, and so members of the House are essentially organising their next election campaign as soon as their current term begins, rather than focusing on their jobs. And Trump is obviously quite unpredictable. We trust China more because we can clearly discern their motives.
How the hell can you trust a country that keeps hacking other countries when they aren't looking, and that executes people when they sneaze on the authorities? That's so fucking dumb. I agree that the US is a dump right now in terms of ideas, but this isn't a good idea in the slightest.
that's a fair argument. I trust the Chinese government to be dicks but I have no idea what the US will do.
Yes, let's trust the country that implanted a tiny microchip in all hardware they produced so that they could get full access to any machine whenever they like. Are people really this stupid? Trump may be a giant raving shithead, and the Republicans scum, but more than half the USA is on your side. China isn't.
Pretty sure that story was completely made up.
Wait wtf? My security professor talked about it for like half an hour last September. Is everyone and everything falling to fake news now?
A bunch of big companies refuted those claims and bloomberg never gave any concrete evidence, not even to the companies directly. So yea, technically no real conclusion for either side but the refutes of the companies seem to hold more ground then bloombergs article.
Don't get me wrong, I hate Trump but China is one of the few places I've agreed with Trump on, it's an absolute authoritarian hellhole with no healthy contribution to the world. The environmental advances we have praised them on are phony, they just moved all the pollution inland. Fuck I even trust Russia over China, at least Russia has loopholes in it's authoritarianism, China is just plain one step away from 1984.
Fuck.. I remember that article. Apple, Comcast, and many more are flat out refuting there was any evidence of an attack.. While Bloomberg vaguely elaborates on the articles legitimacy- - A Bloomberg spokesperson said in a statement: "As is typical journalistic practice, we reached out to many people who are subject matter experts to help us understand and describe technical aspects of the attack. The specific ways the implant worked were described, confirmed, and elaborated on by our primary sources who have direct knowledge of the compromised Supermicro hardware. https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/qv9npv/bloomberg-china-supermicro-apple-hack
China is more predictable rn I think
I think it also has to do with how much more (negative) reports there currently are about the US than there is about China in the news. At least in my experience. I see the occasional news story about China's shady stuff, but about every day there's something negative about the US/trump being reported on. Probably because those stories might interest people more than about China.
Considering how some of those companies have money at stake in the Chinese market it wouldn't surprise me if the story is actually true and they deny it to keep the talk down for the CCP.
They have far more to lose with their contracts with the US gov. Supermicro is a big supplier in North America, Amazon rakes in tons of cash with their private cloud offerings for the US government etc.
How incredibly foolish of them. The US right now may deserve a lot more scrutiny, but they shouldn't be overlooked by fucking autocratic China. How much do you want to bet that the Chinese will exploit this trust?
Yeah America is fucking crazy and all but China regularly makes people disappear.
you can work with the chinese, they at least play by the diplomatic rules, you can't work with Trump, he puts a nazi admiring euroskeptic as an ambassador to germany, filling the job 3 years into his presidency, and his administration can't keep a coherant policy or line of thought for 5 minutes.
Okay America is scary and getting more authoritarian by the day but we haven't really had a Tienanmen Square in recent history
I think people are missing the word trust. I can trust a tiger to eat me alive and keep to it's routine of being a total dick but the US is like some sort of schizophrenic elephant, one moment it's a gentle giant who's pretty cool then in 4 years it turns into a raging unintelligent beast that tramples all over the promises it made 2 years ago as it begins sucking up bleach from the keeper's bucket because it upsets the rhino.
Unfortunate, I understand. But let's remember that Germans tend to trust the wrong people.
Fucking everything China does that garners praise turns out to be fake.
I'm guessing for all of China's problems, at least the it's consistent. Where the foreign policy of America right now can change on a weekly basis almost.
"Trust more than the US" does not mean they trust China.
Some 85 percent of Germans have a negative or very negative opinion of current US-German relations, with only just over 10 percent viewing them in a positive light. yeah I guess for china it's the same only slightly higher
well yes but you can't trust it with WHEN he's going to do that China is the exact same thing, and imo a much bigger danger than a Trump led US.
I ain't gonna pretend we're the good guys, we start fires everywhere and are an oligarchy run by mega corporations. However, China is creating the real life version of black mirror. They have zero limits on what is acceptable as long as it empowers Xi Ping and the party. I fully suspect that one day they'll make hostile thoughts against the party illegal and audit peoples minds for loyalty to be able to get credit.
That's fucking retarded, no other way to put it
china is slowly taking over the world with acquisitions and spying, in fact China has a more powerful system of espionage than almost any other country because they're not afraid of being caught because they don't care
Yeah no thanks, I'll trust the US more than this https://vimeo.com/44078865
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