• White House considering diverting disaster, military housing funds to build wall
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https://www.politico.com/story/2019/02/11/mick-mulvaney-border-wall-funds-1163996 The White House is firming up plans to redirect unspent federal dollars as a way of funding President Donald Trump’s border wall without taking the dramatic step of invoking a national emergency. Done by executive order, this plan would allow the White House to shift money from different budgetary accounts without congressional approval, circumventing Democrats who refuse to give Trump anything like the $5.7 billion he has demanded. Nor would it require a controversial emergency declaration. The emerging consensus among acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and top budget officials is to shift money from two Army Corps of Engineers’ flood control projects in Northern California, as well as from disaster relief funds intended for California and Puerto Rico. The plan will also tap unspent Department of Defense funds for military construction, like family housing or infrastructure for military bases, according to three sources familiar with the negotiations. But the strategy is far from a cure-all for a president with no good options, and it has already sparked debate within the White House. Moving funds by executive order is virtually certain to draw instant court challenges, with opponents, including some powerful members of Congress, arguing the president is encroaching on the legislative branch’s constitutional power to appropriate funds.
So, the disaster fund would actually be funding a disaster...
Of course he would target California and Puerto Rico. This is a tragic-comedy at this point.
The article specifically says he won't use Texas funds meant to recover from hurricane Harvey.
So when California burns again this summer, and has similar rains as to what they've been experiencing already, and they're in a "disaster relief required" state, there will be no funds to help them. Surely this is a genius 12094378780qew7rio74029384987D chess move that can't possibly cost him voters in the long, or short term.
Because Texan's are real Americans from the heartland, not like those coastal elites in California.
I hope he does not, or that if he tries it gets shut down hard, but if he does get away with it, I hope the next Dem president has the balls to use the precedent to strip funds from whatever necessary in order to fund climate change reduction. Preferably not emergency funds, but surely there's money somewhere less important that can be used.
My barracks room has water damage in the ceiling, black mold, and some wall damage. Thanks, sir. The wall is clearly more important.
Can't wait to see Republicans' faces when Trump sets the precedent that the President can declare an emergency to get what he wants and the next Dem president halves the budget going to the military industrial complex and spends it on climate change mitigation or nationalized health insurance or UBI or something.
We need to impeach Trump right the fuck now before this gets out of hand.
He'll probably get through his term without impeachment.
awesome just direct emergency funds from one of the country's strongest economic assets -- especially when wildfire is coming up soon, and another territory that is STILL recovering from a hurricane nearly two years ago can't see that backfiring not at all
Those affected regions are populated by dirty libtards though, so it doesn't matter.
Man half our bases are already shit with decades old infrastructure and water that has given people disease and other shit. BUT LMAO WALL
California will be totally fucked without those funds. We were reeling from the insane wildfires this year and now this rain is flooding out and destroying areas that were scorched by the fires. It’s an absolute disaster in some places. Fuck Donald Trump and fuck the GOP.
On the upside, hopefully the next Democrat POTUS can declare Climate Change a national emergency, and bypass the partisan squabbling that would no doubt come from Republicans acting in bad faith.
Watch as the GOP uses national emergency to pass a law and make it so only their party can now enact it, or some stupid shit.
Nothing would surprise me at this point. Maybe they'll even take it away entirely before a Democrat becomes POTUS, but then work to restore that power/capability whenever another GOP POTUS is in office, should the time come for a scapegoated, manufactured, partisan "emergency".
Declare climate change a national emergency and put all the deniers in FEMA camps like they've been requesting for years already
"Gotta respek da troopz!*" *after we get the wall built** **maybe
I wonder if Mcconnel could realistically be removed to do the impeachment.
So what happens next hurricane season?
As long as it only affects liberal leaning states/religions, who the hell cares from Trump's vantage point?
Why even bother with that? Just suspend elections because muh energency
https://twitter.com/pdmcleod/status/1096148574755319814 https://twitter.com/pdmcleod/status/1096150629075038208
oh so hundreds of people will die
Dafuq is going on
this? http://i.4cdn.org/pol/1550175398495.png
Fucking monsters.
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