• Wisconsin state rep refuses to cut his hair until sign language bill passes
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https://www.jsonline.com/story/news/columnists/jim-stingl/2019/02/19/wisconsin-state-rep-wont-cut-his-hair-till-sign-language-bill-passes/2914841002/ In a novel twist on a hunger strike, state Assembly Rep. Jonathan Brostoff hasn't cut his hair for a year. And he'll keep growing the bushy black mane until he gets a bill passed that would improve life for the deaf community and the sign language interpreters they need. This is personal for Brostoff. He previously worked in Washington as an intern for Sen. Tom Harkin, and during that time he became close friends with two other interns who are deaf. He even learned sign language. Returning to Milwaukee, he connected with the deaf community. When he was first elected to the Assembly in 2014, he heard their concerns and then co-authored a bill to address a shortage of skilled sign language interpreters, crack down on interpreters practicing illegally, and protect deaf citizens who need high-quality sign language services especially in medical and legal settings. Former Rep. Joel Kleefisch, a Republican who worked with Brostoff on the bill, doesn't want the lush locks to take away from the serious need to get it passed. "It's a commitment, is what it is. That hair is a commitment for him," Kleefisch said. "I think he's channeling the spirit of Bob Ross."
"crack down on interpreters practicing illegally" What's this mean?
🤜 🤞 👎 👊👉 👆 👇 🙏🖐 🖖 👋 ✊ ✌️ 🤟 🤘 👌👍🤛 👈 ☝️ ✋ 🤚 🤙 🖕 ✍️
I assume it's like when random idiots passed as legitimate interpreters for Obama and Nelson Mandela I think and are completely faking it.
I'm going to guess people who don't actually know sign language but practice "interpreting" anyway - like the guy who somehow landed the job at Nelson Mandela's funeral.
https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2013/12/11/250179179/fake-sign-language-interpreter-marred-mandela-memorial https://abc13.com/fake-sign-language-interpreter-delivered-gibberish-in-florida/2743729/ https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/17/us/sign-language-interpreter-irma.html https://nypost.com/2017/12/05/sign-language-interpreter-delivered-gibberish-at-serial-killer-press-conference/ Oh and this is just 4 examples. There's plenty more.
It's a widespread issue. Take it from someone with several deaf family members... You'll get people proclaiming to have certifications from the Red Cross to do sign language or claiming they were college trained, but none of them know shit. What's worse is that when you do have trained folks, like my cousin, they usually get a bad rap and are unable to help people. My cousin actually is partially deaf, and she trains deaf pitbulls with sign language so they can be rehomed and not put down, and yet people still give her shit and say she doesn't know ~true~ sign language.
https://youtu.be/UIWJwIs3pbI?t=78 Case and point
I can think of one sign in particular she can show those people.
I never would've thought this to be so endemic, but then I'm not really surprised either.
Whos opposing the bill, his mother?
He's going to look like a rock star
It's pretty common. It's not fun for me to interpret for my Mother and Father on medical things as I do not know the myriad of signs that are in medicine. There's only four certified interpreters in my area. On top of that the video phone service Sorenson doesn't have enough qualified interpreters. My mother ran into a case where one of them didn't even know how to count in ASL. Kept confusing 6 and 16. Sounds like a fun protest though, I wonder how long his hair will get.
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