• Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine wants an 18-cent gas tax increase
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that's an impeachable offense in our legislature!
Gas tax is just another poor tax. Shove those taxes where it matters. Funny how the GOP supports this but not taxes on the rich.
Please. God no PLEASE. FUCK SAKE. We can barely afford gas as is, especially in the warmer months. Aaaaughh
Any French users around willing to donate some yellow vests? This is the sort of thing common folks might riot over.
we got amish but they probably won't riot over a gas tax....
How much is gas for y'all? We're sitting on $2.04-$2.09 here in Montgomery
Approx 1.5€ a litre ($6.2 per gallon)
28c/ gallon so about 2.34$ a gallon right now.
Can I ask what "kosher gasoline" is?
You haven't gone full stupid until you do what New Jersey did under Christ Christie - 36 cent gas tax increase for the Democrats in return for property tax cuts and the elimination of the death tax entirely.
$2.30-$2.40 at the most local, a couple closer to $2.10 for some reason. Southwest corner of Clark county. How did the funding for ODOT get so.. fucked?
Political Suicide in one statement!
ODOT has been fucked for a long time. Cleveland only ever got money to fix its two main artery bridges because rnc was coming in 4 years
Well yeah, I know that much simply from the Orange Barrel being the state animal. But what screwed it in the first place? Just disgusting lack of proper budget management?
there's been a total veto proof Republican control of the state legislature for the last 10+ years, since 2012 not a single seat has changed hands thanks to rampant unemployment in places like youngstown going hard right and gerrymandering. the democrats won 48% of the vote last year but only represent about 25% of the state seats and there's still little appetite in this state to change that.
for a gallon? it's around £1.20 a litre over here lmao
$2.30-$2.40/gallon here in Columbus, OH also. DeWine is insufferable. Not only are ODOT roads in poor condition, the winter weather we've had have absolutely destroyed local roads too. At this rate i'll either have to sell my Jeep to afford gas and risk getting a car stuck in the moon crater streets, or keep it so I might actually be able to make it to my job but not be able to afford gas to get back. Where my Ohio FP'ers at? I can borrow a yellow vest from work.
I wonder how much they spent on the columbus outer belt instead of the roads in columbus, because they're still not done expanding it and they were working on that like 6 years ago when I started college in Dayton. I went to the convention center last summer and every road from the highway was just a moonscape of potholes.
Gas prices went up 20 cents over night yesterday here. Before you increase taxes maybe you should work on limiting the price gouging during certain weeks and months
They will likely never "finish" expanding I-270. They're getting close to being done with what they planned on the east side near Roberts Road, but traffic is already worse. And, the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission estimates an additional 1 million people to be in Central Ohio by 2050. I can't even imagine how bad traffic will be. There's a lot of opposition to a light rail in Columbus, but I think something like that will be needed. Columbus is the largest city in the US with no passenger rail of any kind. the COTA busses have been making a lot of progress in the past few years, but they can't keep up with the growth. There also seems to be a stigma, at least in the suburbs, about taking the bus.
Is it blessed by a rabbi?
Cincinnatian here, it’s a nice place to live if you can ignore the fact that every time you step outside an addict will probably be screaming incompressibly at the sky, your landlord will jack your rent every year because there’s like 5 landlords who own 80% of the city, and our Stop n Shops are coiliquially known as Stab n Grabs. Its hard to focus on politics locally when the majority of the city is just barely getting by. As someone earlier noted, Ohio is once of those places where one block can be pristine then you turn around one corner and you will see drug dealers and mobs of addicts for the next ten blocks.
I'm also in Columbus. Let's have an Ohioan Facepunch riot meetup
I'd be cool with that. I'm in SE Dayton, Centerville area. Its surprisingly "Allen, TX".
I would also be down with that. Should we bring our own pitchforks and torches?
He must be hitting DeWine pretty hard if he thinks this will go over well.
gotta have it mid morning, the rush hour traffic through amish country is glacial
The crapshacks next to decent houses shit always amuses me. It even happens on my own street. Til I have to go through the west side of Dayton for some ungodly reason, then it gets scary. Westwood is terrifying. In any case, yeah, I'm up for a riot, I'll- Oh. Wait, sorry, can't come. Gas prices are too high.
Why's this a bad thing? Shouldn't we be discouraging oil consumption wherever possible?
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