• Venezuelan-Brazil border closed to prevent aid coming in, Colombia maybe next
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https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/feb/21/nicolas-maduro-venezuela-brazil-border-closure Maduro said he’s also weighing up shutting the border with Colombia. He made the announcement on state TV on Thursday, surrounded by military commanders. “What the US empire is doing with its puppets is an internal provocation,” Maduro said. “They wanted to generate a great national commotion, but they didn’t achieve it.” Under Maduro’s orders, Venezuela this week blocked air and sea travel between Venezuela and the nearby Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao, another point where aid was being stockpiled.
It's like he wants civil war.
Wait by blocking air travel they mean with airports and the like right? I know in-article they specify vans and whatnot were being used for land transport but they aren't as specific for the air bit as far as I can tell. If they're just blocking airports to stop air travel then what's stopping someone from just airdropping supplies in?
The military would probably just seize it then.
or take him down with the anti-aircraft or the S-300s we have. and also a friendly reminder that Maduro is not only sending military to the borders, he also ordered to weld the containers blocking the Tiendita bridge (now renamed, unity bridge). https://youtu.be/PGZ0DjK7v5c?t=18
That would probably constitute an act of war, especially if the aircraft dropping supplies is civilian.
Also, The Curaçao government backed down and they warned that they would not deliver humanitarian aid at least, that the Venezuelan government give the permission to do it The Caribbean island of Curaçao said Friday it will not allow humanitarian aid destined for Venezuela to leave its port unless the Caracas authorities give permission. "No aid shipment from Curaçao will be forced to leave for Venezuela," the island's government said in a statement. "Shipments from Curacao will only be made when the Venezuelan authorities agree. Until then, the aid will remain stored," the island's government said in a statement. Curazao advierte que solo enviará ayuda cuando las autoridades d..
What a super fuckin wierd situation. People are literally offering free food for the people starving in Venezuela, but Venezuela is closing its borders. It's like if a man was starving in his house, and you are trying to get some food to him, but he just boards up the door and says 'no, fuck you!' Absolutely surreal
BOTH IN SPANISH BTW Army Officials Shoot Indigenous Community in Gran Sabana #22Feb (some source put that was two, others that was one dead) Tamara Suju, the human rights defender, denounced through her social networks that army officials shot at members of the Kamaracupay community in the municipality of Gran Sabana in the state of Bolivar, early this Friday. Suju reported that the Pemones had an alcabala on the highway, which is the road leading to Santa Elena de Uairén. To that effect, when the officials approached the point where the Pemons were concentrated, they shot at the indigenous people, leaving them wounded after these events. For these reasons of violence, Suju asserted that 12 people were injured and four of them are in serious condition. The Pemona community also detained three of the officials. https://www.elimpulso.com/2019/02/22/funcionarios-del-ejercito-dispararon-contra-una-comunidad-indigena-en-la-gran-sabana-21feb/ one source (spanish) Pemón Indians in the state of Bolívar kidnapped the GNB commander in the state after a confrontation that left one dead and fifteen wounded. Police reports indicate that the indigenous people of the Kumarakupay community, in the Gran Sabana, rose up after the clashes. According to witnesses, on Friday afternoon the Pemones were attacked when they intercepted two GNB tanks heading for the border. The mission of the military was to close the border crossing to prevent the arrival of humanitarian aid. However, the Indians interrupted the crossing because they were protesting a lack of food. Minutes later, GNB officials used their weapons and fired into the crowd. The shooting resulted in the death of indigenous woman Zoraida Rodríguez, an empanada vendor. Three other wounded Pemones were taken to the Integral Diagnosis Center located in Santa Elena de Uairén. The doctors who treated them said they needed to refer the patients to another health center. They do not have enough supplies there. The wounded Pemones were then taken to La Piedra Ambulatory and from there to BoaVista, Brazil, so that they could be treated. http://acn.com.ve/pemones-secuestraron-gnb-jefe/
Maduro can only control their people through hunger, this is pretty common in left-wing dictatorships, either support us, or starve
that was closer at Venezuelan-Brazil border btw
Considering Elliot Abrams' favourite trick is to smuggle weapons to opposition militias disguised as "aid," very understandable that they wouldn't be allowing for that possibility
Pd: The Colombian border is"temporarily" closed.(pd Delcy Rodriguez is from the Maduro govemment) Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez announced on Friday the temporary and total closure of three bridges on the border with Colombia following threats made by the government of that country against the peace of the South American nation. "The Bolivarian Government informs the population that, due to the serious and illegal threats attempted by the Government of Colombia against the peace and sovereignty of Venezuela, it has taken the decision to temporarily close the Simón Bolívar, Santander and Unión bridges," he wrote in his Twitter account.
So this bastard is just going to starve his own people even more than he already has? Does he just want Venezuela's legacy to end with him? I can't imagine why you would want to effectively apply sanctions to yourself when you're already a failed nation because of your leadership.
The Venezuelan legacy died with chavez (even many who were loyal to the socialist party know this and too many hate maduro of destroyer of Chavez's legacy.), what now is a row of bastards and miserable who not prefer to abandon power and prefer to let an entire population die of starvation, disease and stop you from counting and let an entire country die as long as it doesn't affect their "luxurious" lifestyle of "millionaires" who are going to do everything they can to avoid being caught by justice..
Fuck you on behalf of the people eating from trash bins in Caracas, queuing up for 7 hours for a single carton of milk. There's food in those containers, Maduro doesn't want them in because he knows he'll be ousted if it can be demonstrated that the only person responsible for the total destruction of Venezuela's food production, that the only person who wants people to starve is him.
That's a name I haven't heard in a while. It's not smart to buy milk since it's expensive. Unless it's for a kid. - @Sam­ is right in that 'he' doesn't want to let aid in because he wants people to starve so he can control them. Using "CLAP" boxes/bags and "carnet de la patria" bonuses.
Updates: It is reported that humanitarian aid from Brazil came in and is now in Venezuela. confirmed by guaido https://twitter.com/jguaido/status/1099340492117078018 Attention Venezuela! We officially announce that the first shipment of humanitarian aid has already entered our border with Brazil. This is a great achievement, Venezuela! https://twitter.com/Sandoval_Vzla/status/1099339291866615808 The colombian one are on the way, and and morning hours 4 military men stole an APC and crashed it into one of the Colombian barricades and deserted and they're also waiting for a ship from Puerto Rico to enter Puerto Cabello here in the country.
Well shit, he actually went and did it. Guido said he would get humanitarian aid in by Saturday, to be honest I didn't actually believe him.
Only remains the border with Colombia that is practically the Maduro Last stand which is why it's decisive if they manage to pass, it is the greatest defeat for the Maduro government and its downfall. However, there are reports that maduro sending his thugs (colectivos)
If the aid already got to people, I would expect the people to violently react to Maduro's men coming to take it away. I hope Venezuela doesn't break out into civil war, but it's coming, this may be the spark.
And apparently the brazilian army is on its way to the border with venezuela.
Seems like it's all kicking off? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-47343918
May not be all gravy everywhere however. Things happening in Ureña.
The national guard attacked humanitarian aid trucks at the border. the trucks receded
If people want to understand how corrupted the entire Venezuela story is, they should really take a look at the massive propaganda campaign being used right now to get people fired up for a war, specifically when it comes to US 'aid'. Elliot Abrams, the guy that illegally went around Congress to get funding to the Contras in Nicaragua (who were murderous drug selling terrorists, but hey, they'd kill commies for us). Ilhan Omar just brought up his role in allowing the El Mozote massacre and subsequently (at that time) trying to block any reporting of it as communist propaganda. Yet somehow we're supposed to believe they didn't bring back this disgraced spook for exactly the reasons he is already infamous in Latin America. And that bridge Venezuela blocked so aid couldn't get through that almost every news source reported about- It turns out that bridge was never used and has been blocked for years so as to prevent an Colombia invasion in to Venezuela. You can google this yourself if you don't believe the sources, or like the article does, look at satellite footage that shows the bridge hasn't been used in more than 5 years. I'm not pointing this out to say Venezuela doesn't need aid, that people aren't starving, or that the Venezuelan government isn't incompetent. It's important to understand the truth of any situation, and the mainstream 'truth' of Venezuela is completely warped right now in favor of another bloody war.
At this point, I'm almost positive that Maduro is attempting to trigger a war to appear as the victim.
A humanitarian truck has been set on fire by the national guard. https://twitter.com/Layexza_Z/status/1099383626519769089 .
This is the flashpoint
https://www.reddit.com/live/12iba5h7fqr9v Here's a live thread from Reddit that's covering everything as it happens.
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