• Venezuelan-Brazil border closed to prevent aid coming in, Colombia maybe next
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Honestly, at this point in time, it might be wise to convene the Organization of American States, and form a military intervention to at least get supplies safely across the border. The fact that Maduro's lapdogs are open firing into another country, and burning humanitarian aid is fucking beyond disgusting.
https://twitter.com/AFPespanol/status/1099384283616235521 # ÚLTIMAHORA Venezuela breaks relations with Colombia, announces Maduro #AFP
@MIR Hours before they had warned that a ship from Puerto Rico with aid would try to reach Puerto Cabello. (here) But if they're reporting what they're seeing Venezuelan navy ships apart from that if I remember well, Puerto cabello has the Venezuelan naval shipyard as a neighbor.
https://twitter.com/CaraotaDigital/status/1099390558777327619 Sister of a national guard denounced that her brother was killed when she asked to leave the Simón Bolívar International Bridge. "His friend Jonathan Zambrano killed him," he lamented. / Reported: @LuisOlavarrieta Seems like national guardsmen are being targeted/murdered over the defections.
This is getting too ugly.
Sick to think there are still a few delusional dickheads in this forum supporting and sucking the dick this putrid cunt Maduro.
Maduro Thugs Armed collectives sow terror in the streets of Ureña, Táchira https://twitter.com/AlbertoRodNews/status/1099405925071441927?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw https://twitter.com/Diploplo/status/1099405470354296833
https://twitter.com/AlbertoRodNews/status/1099405925071441927 THE LAST | PHOTOS: Armed groups sow terror in the streets of Ureña, Táchira https://bit.ly/2tyFiwp Are these dudes government goons or just gangsters?
government goons (the Nicolas Maduro guerrilla death squad) Those are the same groups that are sent to the protests to shoot Protestants with real weapons. and under the immunity of the Security Forces
https://twitter.com/Vene2Indignado/status/1099373150847070209 One of the people shot on the bridge. Unsure if those are bullet holes or welts from rubber rounds.
Literally, the biggest scum that exists made up of delinquents from dangers hoods and criminals from the prisons that they don't care about anyone's life even children when it comes to killing in exchange for a new bike. or immunity
4:29 p.m. NO ANSWER From the ship carrying humanitarian aid they have not been able to establish radio contact with the Venezuelan vessels that keep them blocked. Venezuelan Officials Presumably Avoid Leaving Record of Conversations https://twitter.com/Marianitareyes/status/1099406015064358913?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw This is not good
They're probably sleeping, it's midnight in Moscow after all.
https://twitter.com/sotiridi/status/1099400607977349121 Video of those Maduro thugs.
Venezuelan Navy Ship
https://twitter.com/jguaido/status/1099413500252876802/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1099413500252876802&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.redditmedia.com%2Fmediaembed%2Fliveupdate%2F12iba5h7fqr9v%2FLiveUpdate_f8cfb1f6-37ad-11e9-8483-0e7f2fa6be68%2F0 They said that we were not going to reach the border: we all arrived and the People came to receive the help. They said that the aid was not going to enter: the trucks cross the country. Dijero that they had Town: they are alone and dozens of soldiers have left them. The People are clear: # SiSi They're all crowding around a military airfield in Caracas, it looks like.
the image on the Caracas military airfield was in the morning, idk is are still there
https://twitter.com/DelmiroDeBarrio/status/1099409765095092224 Colombian Army Moves to Border Line to Prevent Regime Forces from Invading or Firing into Colombian Territory
ATTENTION | Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello on Saturday called for respect for the integrity of the crew of the ship heading from the Caribbean island to Venezuela with humanitarian aid for the population of the South American country. https://twitter.com/CATERINAV/status/1099418123890057217
I don't support Maduro but if you think for a second Trump or the American government gives a single fuck about the people of Venezuela's independence than your wrong. Maduro is a corrupt oligarch sure, but this is all been a very long process for the US and foreign interests to privatize Venezuela's oil so they can dominate them. If you know anything about Latin American and American interventionist history, it's always been about extracting natural resources from Latin American to enrich America. We've installed brutal dictators in Latin American over democratically elected socialist, don't think for a second we want what's best for the people.   Also this so called "humanitarian aid" Trump is sending is 20 million dollars. Which is about 1 day of humanitarian relief. While the oil sanctions which produce about 90% of the revenue for the Venezuelan state which is equivalent to billions of dollars for social aid a year for the people of Venezuela is what is actually starving them. The sanction is intended to starve the people so they get desperate revolt against Maduro.   Not saying Maduro is a good guy. But good or bad the US would be doing the same exact thing no matter who was in power.
What's the best we could hope for, then?
Hopefully when the people regain control of the government after Mudoro is ousted, they resist America's attempts at installing a puppet government but thats unlikely if the US gets involved militarily.
I went down a little tankie rabbit hole, and the similarity in rhetoric and sources to the right-wing conspiracy theorists they love to make fun of was kinda staggering. The meme of Venezuelans getting banned from /r/chapotraphouse makes a lot more sense when you understand their view of Venezuela is based entirely around what lets them be the most anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist, with nothing getting in their way.
The ship arriving from Puerto Rico with humanitarian aid reverses, and will spend the night in Bonaire until @jguaido do new instructions. Miguel Pizarro denounced that the ship was besieged. https://twitter.com/CATERINAV/status/1099434882046914560
some of the rhetoric I've heard from left leaning circles about venezuela is just downright fucking retarded why anyone would go out of their way to defend maduro is a mystery to me people's idiocy really is boundless
It takes a special kind if asshole to firebomb food and medicine shipments. It is reaching comic book villain levels of evil. What the fuck is going on?
Just somehow the situation getting worse, like, what really expects Maduro at this point to happen? Declare martial order and collapse the country until loads of people end dead or revolt?
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