• Paul Manafort sentenced to only 47 months in prison
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https://www.cnbc.com/2019/03/07/ex-trump-campaign-chief-paul-manafort-sentenced-to-47-months-for-fraud-in-mueller-case.html?__source=twitter%7Cmain A federal judge on Thursday sentenced President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort to serve 47 months in prison.The decision from federal judge T.S. Ellis in Virginia comes less than a week before Manafort’s second sentencing hearing in another case in Washington, D.C., district court. Both cases were brought on charges lodged by special counsel Robert Mueller in his ongoing probe of Russia’s election meddling and possible collusion with the Trump campaign. Manafort had been convicted in the Virginia court last summer on eight counts of bank fraud, tax fraud and failing to file a foreign bank account report. The charges mostly pertained to Manafort’s past work for Ukraine’s Russia-backed president at the time, Viktor Yanukovych. Manafort was not convicted on 10 other criminal counts in that case, which were deadlocked by the 12-person jury. New York authorities are reportedly prepping charges against Manafort if Trump does pardon his crimes.
So more or less 4 years? Are you fucking joking? Fuck, whats next, telling Trump to extend his hands and get a smack from a ruler on them and letting him go scot free? I hope this has a good reason.
What the absolute fuck? Are you kidding me?
Judge said this is Manafort's first offense and he's a nice guy. The real reason is because he's one of the People Who Matter, as he is rich and white.
The reason is there is no justice.
White collar crimes are almost never justly punished.
Judge said Manafort lived a "blameless" life. He lobbied for African warlords.
This is only one trial Manafort is facing btw
Aggressive mandatory minimums need to be applied to white collar crime, not just crimes that disproportionately affect poor people. Gee, I wonder why they aren't.
Further, before recessing Manafort’s sentencing hearing for 15 minutes, he sided with the government in saying the sentencing guidelines were properly calculated. Prosecutors have said they would call for 19-1/2 to 24 years in prison. Check must have cashed during recess
It should be noted that this is just for crimes relating to the state of Virginia. He's still awaiting more sentencing for his federal bullshit in D.C. And even if Trump decides to go full retard and pardon him for that stuff, the state of New York is ready right behind him for more sentencing. This dude's getting more than just 4 years.
This judge was threatened during the trial and was under Marshal protection.
completely objective title
Man, if he was threatened during the trial I don't even want to imagine what he's gonna face now.
Seems like he gave them everything they could've asked of him.
Even his own defense lawyers asked for FIVE years. The fuck man
This dude sentenced a black Louisiana congressman to 13 years for hiding 13k of dirty cash in a fridge.
as people have mentioned this is just for one of his crimes. Plus if he has co operated and provided evidence and testimony of a larger part of the conspiracy, then he should get 'some' reduction of his sentence. Then again, with this judge's history, seems it's basically max sentence for black people or minorities and if you're white and rich, you get a slap on the wrist.
The judge said during the sentencing hearing that Manafort "lived an otherwise blameless life," He was defrauding and committing crimes his entire life what are you talking about?
The judge was extremely brash and doesn't believe Mueller has anything to the point he banned mentioning Russia in the courtroom and may have poisoned the jury. Prosecutors said on twitter he never took white collar and is a freak
Really the only solution at this point is to adopt the lessons of the french in the 1800s. Get hte guillotine.
"Justice is Blind" is up there for one of the top piss shit phrases, along with "Money doesn't buy happiness" and "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me."
For that, the bourgeois would have to rise too. Which is evidently not happening.
Justice is blind, but money smells and nobody wrote down to pinch the nose as well as put on the blindfold. Loopholing everything.
I think it's time to take matters into our own hands. The justice system clearly isn't working any more.
The United States are a corrupt shithole.
I can't find any source on this
I think only one of the people involved in the financial crash were prosecuted, and in that case, he was low-level and sentenced to only a couple of years or something. But smoke some crack whilst being black? 20 years.
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