• Venezuela has largest power outage in history; Maduro blames US sabotage
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https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/mar/08/venezuela-power-outage-maduro-schools-closed Venezuela’s embattled president, Nicolás Maduro, has been forced to close schools and give workers the day off after a severe and potentially destabilizing blackout dragged into a second day. The streets of Venezuela’s capital, Caracas, were quiet amid growing fears over the human cost of what observers called the worst power outage in memory. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/mar/08/venezuela-blackout-caused-by-us-attack-defence-minister-says In a televised address from the Miraflores presidential palace in Caracas, Vladimir Padrino López claimed the “North American empire” was behind a “criminal aggression” designed to “disrupt and attack” Nicolás Maduro’s beleaguered administration. Nearly all of Venezuela’s 23 states were cast into darkness on Thursday afternoon after the most severe power cut in the country’s recent history. Padrino López claimed the alleged US “attack” – supposedly conducted against the Guri hydroelectric plant in southern Venezuela that supplies much of the country’s electricity – had been “prepared, planned and well-defined” in Washington and admitted it had caused “difficulties”. Surprised there isn't a thread for this yet.
I used to live in Caracas. Blackouts were a weekly occurrence. Doesn't surprise me that they'd try to spin this as some sabotage given their current situation.
When you think about it, it shouldn't be a surprise. They basically can't buy or afford replacement parts and equipment for their infrastructure to keep it running.
If anyone wants to know what it was like to spend two days because of that?, a complete hell. Practically the whole country was paralyzed. no phone or public transport, and long queues for gasoline. and tons of shit really hard to explain. The one serious thing that's gonna hit too hard which more than one is going to suffer too much. will be the food Since there is no electricity many refrigerators will have lost all their food since many sides do not have emergency generators or there are, but they are or damaged or without fuel or batteries to turn it on
If you'd like, I can give you some guides on how to preserve meats without refrigeration. I can also probably give you an idea on how to make moonshine for use as a disinfectant with limited resources.
really thanks, I would like to know over this
Sure thing. Regarding meat preparation, it's mostly depending on the meat: https://youtu.be/-2zJvJn_Ihw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1beLnpi57jA Townsends also has a video on what you can use dehydrated meat for, namely for the manufacture of Pemmican, which is a survival food that has been shown to be shelf stable for upwards of 2 to 5 years. You should try to keep your meats in a cool and dry place, the best way to accomplish this is via the digging of a draft channel of at least 0.5m to 1.5m underneath a household. As for making a moonshine still, it's entirely based on what you have available, but if you have a tea kettle, you can always set up the British Still: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00kKPOs_FA4 With this type of still, you'll be able to distill water as well, and as for making mash, that is something you'll need to do some small research on. Find plants in your area have starches, grains, or otherwise that can be carmalized for their sugars and then used to boost a wild yeast culture. After which you should be able to run it through this type of still in order to get moonshine.
...just make sure you don't actually let drink any distilled alcohol from it (only use it as disinfectant) unless you know exactly what you're doing. Someone's going to end up with methanol poisoning from this, otherwise.
Always make sure to throw away the first 15% of your moonshine harvest. ALWAYS.
Go for the seeds or fruits of the plant, not the entire thing like leaves, stems and roots. The seeds/fruits have the most sugar concentrated in them.
Pretty fucked up that people are having to turn to wilderness survival methods for this
What he said! Another plant which is great for survivalist type stuff all around is cattail aka the wild corndog. Don't eat the corndog, but you can pretty much take the entire plant and use it for a variety of things. The main roots and younger parts of the plant make a fantastic veggie noodle that is incredibly nutritious. I do not know your exact area in Venezuela, @Gazhelmet , but you should be able to find a variety of fruits which can be used for the manufacture of moonshine or even wines. Also I know what I'm about to say may come as a bit hard on the stomach, but rat meat when cooked properly is actually one of the greatest meats in terms of nutrition. One 300g rat contains roughly 700 calories for it's meat alone. Capybara, Nutria, and other critters are also of similar nutritional content. You can also use the organs for fishing by using jug lines. If you want, I can get some guides on how to make fishing tools with recycled material.
Your innawoods skill finally came in handy
It's always handy to know at least some basic survival skills. It's always better to have it and not need it, then to need it and fucking die
I've a friend living in Venezuela and these power outages have been the last straw for him, because he's been making what little money he can by doing art commissions online. With the power out, he can't even do that, and his money wouldn't matter anyway. He was nearly killed the other week when he was kidnapped off the side of the road into a taxi by a gang of criminals and forced to go from ATM to ATM withdrawing his money up to the limit, until they decided they were done with him and stabbed him, aiming for his kidney. The driver intervened and he was able to escape from the taxi before it drove off. He crawled in bleeding pain along the side of the road for over an hour before anyone found him. The gang was picked up later, and the taxi driver is almost certainly dead for his heroism. My friend is leaving his home Venezuela and he's begging for money to help with the move out of Columbia to hopefully the USA and permanent residency through marriage. No, I'm not asking for anyone to donate, just... I'm very scared for him, and his life has been completely upended and repeatedly threatened by Maduro's orchestrated chaos. Chavistas need to hang for what they've done to Venezuela.
Man this whole situation is fucking infuariating. I'm happy that people like Joey try to contribuite with the knowledge they have for such a situation, yet there are some folks that will try to defend the "goverment" both in Facepunch and outside. No matter what happens, their reasons and arguments need to be taken down with logic. A friend of mine has been experiencing blackouts so much and the only thing I can do is help him with university works and information. We also have other users from the country which have not been online for a while and that's worrysome.
I'm glad this is the case. I have roughed it twice in my life, and I have always had some knowledge to survive on my own. I'm probably gonna do a write up of the hobo smoker in a few.
At this stage Venezuela is pretty much in the same stage of societal collapse as the first Mad Max film. Best of luck to anyone without a way out.
Link his commission page fam.
At this point, I'm just perplexed as hell as to why there has not been a civil war yet.
Right now he's got no time for commissions, and even if he did the power's out in VZ. He's been trying to gather his money over the last few years and now he's spending it all on getting out and he needs more. Hopefully he'll get to Columbia safely and that'll give him a stable base of operations until his visa runs out in 90 days.
Any chance he can apply for asylum in the meanwhile? With so many Venezuelans in Colombia already, I don't think they'll look for any one particular foreign national to deport. Not actively saying he should break the law, but if he manages to keep to himself while over there, he could be overlooked.
these blackouts are literally a result of US sanctions lmfao if you cant get important parts to repair and upgrade generators how the fuck are you supposed to keep them working if you cant get the money needed to improve and upgrade infrastructure how are you supposed to do it the defence of the Venezuelan government comes from the history of previous US attempts to restore """democracy""" to countries- it literally has never worked because US interests do not lie in doing good for people that inhabit them, it's purely rooted in money and natural resources.
He wants to get to the USA to live with his fianceé who's a friend of mine. He might end up being able to overstay his visa but he doesn't want to stay there when he's got very good internet friends, practically for, in the US. I'm less worried about the Columbia visa length and more worried about him getting to the end of the journey and being able to pay for it. I would've linked a way to give him cash but FP has rules on begging for donations and I can't prove that he isn't goofing -- I know he isn't but I can't easily prove it and my guy is only able to get on periodically on mobile when his battery has charge.
https://twitter.com/GEDV86/status/1104511307259281409 Lmfao
Sanctions are against specific individuals in Maduro's government. Are you suggesting that only a handful of people in the entire country are capable of ordering spare parts for major electrical centers? Even when, people from Venezuela have said in thread that blackouts happen weekly? Why not give us a source or citation showing us that these blackouts are directly due to US sanctions.
wtf is with the source boner facepunch has rn, it's literally basic economics if the utilities government owned and funded, and the government isn't able to make money by selling its assets to other countries, then guess what, those utilities aren't going to get the money they need to run ive been seeing this in so many threads right now from people of both sides of the political spectrum, countering every point with "do you have a source on that" is completely retarded because that then gives validation to the idea that every person with a Dr before their name or every journalist who publishes an article for supposedly "unbiased" news sources is 100% infallible. if i dug deep enough chances are i could find a study that classed trans people as mentally ill that was published by some quack at some point, but that does not make their point valid in any way
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burden_of_proof_(philosophy) hi yeah if you make a claim make sure to back it up with a reputable source that's why you do source criticism to evaluate methodology, conclusions, etc...
They're not. That's pretty much all I have to say. Chavez announced in 2002 that a new dam, the Tocoma dam, would be built to cope with the increasing demand that the Guri dam cannot handle. It was expected to be finished by 2012. The earliest sanctions were enacted in 2017. It is currently 2019, the Tocoma dam doesn't produce a single watt of electricity, and some accounts, never will due to failures in engineering. The Tocoma dam is part of a well documented series of corrupt schemes the Venezuelan government engaged in, the Odebretch Case, one of the more interesting tangents from Operation Car Wash in Brazil as it involves the very same company that was at the root of the scandal. Odebretch was given $4bn to complete the Tocoma dam, where that money went remains to be seen, but it clearly didn't go towards power generation in the country. Stop making shit up. We've had problems with electrical power since 2014. Matter of fact, we've had problems with the power grid ever since it was expropriated, a trend that repeats over, and over, and over in Venezuela, Chavistas take something over, and then run it into the ground while grafting as much money as possible from it. It happened with every, single, company they took over. Every single one. There is not one thing that the Maduro administration runs, that functions correctly.
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