• Venezuela has largest power outage in history; Maduro blames US sabotage
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if sources are so easy to find for any viewpoint why can't you post one
the current round of sanctions started in 2015 from obama, but us foreign policy has been aggressive towards Venezuela since 2002, when they tried to assassinate chavez
Because sources are hard for bootlickers for dictators, right wing or supposed left wing.
You're referring to sanctions against 7 specific individuals which resulted only in the seizure of their US assets, I have no idea whatsoever how that could prevent a dam scheduled to open in 2012 to enter delays. What happened to Tocoma? Why isn't it built yet?
I'm pretty sure that meharryp from Facepunch is a low testosterone manlet who still wets the bed and has a micro penis, and it's literally basic economics that we know this so why do I need a source? In other words either source up your "facts" or admit that you're making shit up. It's incredibly transparent that you're full of shit so I highly doubt you'll do the former, but I'd sure love to be proven wrong.
shit hes on to me
I feel really bad for anyone still living in Venezuela. Resources are so much more slim that if you hadn't left before, it just keeps getting harder to leave now. I wonder how many people have started community gardens and such from this whole thing, it'd be one of my first thoughts if food was starting to get scarce.
Just to update on my friend, over $4000 raised from 77 people in one day. I hope he doesn't lose that momentum because if he makes it out of Venezuela there's a very good chance he'll be safe in the US in a few weeks. I just hope he escapes across the border safely. Anything could happen between now and safety on the Columbian side of the border.
Does he have a set destination within Colombia or going to wing it once there?
I don't know. I'm not in direct contact with him. He contacts his fiancee who updates his account for him. I presume they have firm plans but they're not sharing every detail in journal updates. Last night his uncle died from inadequate medical care, as he needed dialysis and well, there was no electricity to power the machine. My friend's spending what little time he has left in Venezuela with his mother and other family; he may never see them again, even if they survive Maduro's hellscape.
Just a little update, my friend's plane has landed in Columbia and he has made it safely to his hotel room. Close to $9,000 has been raised in donations to help him, which covers the costs of filing for US residency and his living expenses for about two months. Hopefully he'll have a stable Internet connection so he'll be able to get back to work while he waits for the speed of paperwork.
here's an update from here, after all that (my internet came back today but still in some parts still dosent have phone and net) but it's still too unstable. @Joey Skylynx And I also have to thank you very much.since I was lucky to see it before the 2nd shutdown happened And besides, some businesses gave away or sold extremely cheap products and "pay it when you can"., so the loss was less. -Maduro ordered the suspension of all activities until Friday (work and schools), however after that power was established at 80 or 90% (the Caracas Subway system stared working again), the work suspension was revoked yesterday only the schools are still suspended until Friday -In some parts of Venezuela (Maracaibo and i think in one part on Caracas) suffered looting (Maracaibo was the state that suffered the most.), ever one mall was looted and the mall autorities report that damage report was big that on some business have zero chance on recovery (many were wiped out by looters) -We still have Water problems in some states (where I live during blackout people in despair damaged the central water pump to open the water hole. Fortunately, people didn't damage the water pumps so when the electricity came back, there was a big delay for the water to return to the whole area where I live.) and also reports and claims, from several water trucks. that they would only accept American dollars (From $50 to $100 or more) to provide water to areas that did not yet have water -The banks... "returned" to providing operations but now to a very short period of service (from 9Am until 2pm) Obviously, there's a lot of long queues to try and get money.
Please stay safe. Don't walk the streets alone, and may things improve quickly. It is heartrending to helplessly watch Maduro strangle Venezuela rather than admit defeat and flee in exile like a respectable failed dictator.
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