• Trump to ask for more money for The Wall™
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https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/433370-trump-will-ask-for-86b-for-wall-in-budget-request-report for everyone who said "its just 5 billion!" well yes, it was and then 4 billion and then 8 billion.
... So, how long 'til the next government shutdown, then?
hey guys remember when mexico was gonna pay for the wall? his supporters sure dont
"they're paying for it through that new trade deal!" you know... the one mexico voluntarily signs and has not been even submitted to congress for approval.
The trade deal that Canada and Mexico are BOTH saying they won't ratify until Trump halts the steel and aluminum tariffs which by the way remain in full effect. The tariffs Trump applied under supposedly national security measures, except that his public statements repeatedly exposed the fact that he was using the tariffs to try and force the two countries to come to the table and renegotiate NAFTA (to slant the benefits of the deal even more unfairly into the USA's favour...). Neither Canada or Mexico is likely to ratify Trump's trade deal this year if it happens at all -- Canadian diplomats have stated that Canada's best interests are actually to remain in NAFTA v1 and to reject this trade deal that would replace it, because it gives Canada the shaft in new ways. And that's not even counting what might happen with the US Congressional ratification process. The Art of the Deal, folks. Remember, Congress doesn't get to change the deal, they agree to what Trump signed or they don't. You'll hear talk about Congress wanting to adjust things, they can't, at least not in the direct sense. They can reject the trade deal and then give Trump explicit instructions on what to do in negotiating a new deal again that Congress will actually ratify, but the text of NAFTA 2.0 (I refuse to call it USMCA, it's USCAM if anything) is not supposed to change after Trump and the other leaders signed it (EVEN THOUGH IT DID).
Its deeply ironic that now after shutting democrats, environmentalists, and unions out of the trade deal, he's begging Pelosci and the democrats to pass his deal. Fucking republicans would rather have their arm lopped off then reach out to democrats.
We've had first billions yes, but what about second billions?
keep in mind this 8.6 billion figure, by the trump admin's own accounts, would fund less than half of trump's entire proposed wall
As always: Government project goes overbudget, water is wet
BuT mExIcO iS sUpPoSeD tO pAy FoR tHe WaLl
The initial estimates (and what he wanted) was $25 billion. Then he gradually talked it down to try and get some kind of "victory" out of his proposal, but after getting shut down time and again, he shut the government down because he's a spoiled twat.
this is feeling less like he actually wants a wall and more like a giant money laundering scheme granted, it basically is one to begin with but still
The idea is to use the money that could be used in education, in absolute bulshit, to make more people that would vote for Trump. You know, idiots.
Ask daddy like you did as a kid, loser.
Can't wait for the Dems to bend over again like the buffoons they are
So you just ignored the last shutdown, then.
Were you awake in December and January?
What you didn't see the democrats immediately cave in multiple times only for trump to reject everything he asked for like a dumbass?
They agreed to an increase in funding for border security which includes more judges and offices to deal with immigration and asylum applications, but not the WALL*TM.
The project hasn't even really started. This money is based on roughly a third to a half of what it is expected to cost in a best case scenario. If it went over budget, that would be more like a total of 50-75bn dollars.
"When you can't go through with it and you ain't got the moolah for it and you can't pin it down, you know that you found The Wall! THE WALL! THE WALL! No man on earth can build it all!"
I'd prefer this kind of wall. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1_sqd4sJoU
That's literally perfect. Well done.
I'm more partial to this kind of wall: https://youtu.be/oXp8Th41rBs
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