• Giuliani says Trump employed MIchael Cohen because he felt sorry for him
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https://thehill.com/hilltv/rising/433210-giuliani-says-trump-kept-cohen-because-he-felt-sorry-for-him?page=2 Rudy Giuliani claimed Friday that President Trump kept personal attorney Michael Cohen on board his legal team because he felt “sorry” for him. “I don’t want to get him angry, I think the president felt sorry for him because he never could quite have the standing of the lawyers,” Giuliani, the former New York city mayor working as a lawyer for Trump, told Hill.TV’s Buck Sexton during an interview with “Rising.” “All of the important matters would go to other lawyers, so he’d give him things to do that were more in the nature of public relations, but some small legal matters,” he continued. Giuliani also pushed back on claims that Cohen never asked for a presidential pardon. “The man never asked for a pardon — perjury,” the Trump’s attorney told Hill.TV. Cohen’s team team admitted Wednesday that he asked Trump’s lawyers about a potential presidential pardon last year after the FBI raided his home and office. Is he projecting?
"Look we all make bad judgments. I'd hate to point out to you some of the people I've made bad judgments about" I'm sure you'd hate it even more if you knew how obvious it was, Mr. Giuliani.
He was just a small time coffee lawyer, nothing important really
manafort: campaign chairman or low energy nobody? Papadopalous: senior campaign official or covfefe boy? Cohen: long term confidant and presidential lawyer or that guy you hired and put in charge of your personal affairs because you felt bad for him?
Guiliani also said about Cohen: "an honest, honorable lawyer"
So he makes terrible hiring decisions. Good to confirm.
It's either a gay porn star or a furry who exclusively fucks horses and/or chickens.
I wonder who's gonna be making excuses and statements like this when Tinyhands inevitably turns on Rudy, too Also curious to see just how far past his eyeballs Rudy is in Rooskie money
No, he offered him a job knowing the risks!!! Out of the goodness of his heart!!!! God It's always TRUMPTRUMPTRUMP's fault, with you people!!!!!!
is this a clickhole article
Trump employed Cohen because it's not easy to find a lawyer who's willing to risk their career for your whims. Cohen was Trump's enforcer as much as he was an attorney.
"sleep well" ...With the fishes?
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