• Tucker Carlson calls women extremely primitive, excuses rape in unearthed audio
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https://www.thedailybeast.com/tucker-carlson-calls-women-extremely-primitive-in-unearthed-audio?via=desktop&source=Reddit Fox News star Tucker Carlson once argued that women are “extremely primitive” beings who “just need to be quiet and kind of do what you’re told,” according to newly unearthed audio of the host ranting on a shock jock radio show. According to the media watchdog organization Media Matters, Carlson repeatedly called into the popular radio program Bubba the Love Sponge between 2006 and 2011 and let loose with sexist and misogynistic language—often at the expense of well-known female figures, including Arianna Huffington and Elena Kagan, a then-Supreme Court nominee and now an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. During a 2009 conversation about polygamist cult leader Warren Jeffs, who was convicted of felony rape as an accomplice, Carlson suggested Jeffs was only sent to prison because “he’s weird and unpopular.” Carlson also suggested that if he were to “make the laws,” Warren Jeffs would not be in prison. When speaking generally about women in 2006, Carlson offered his own brand of wisdom. “You know what gets women going is arguing with them,” Carlson advises. A year later, he claimed to actually “love women.” “But they're extremely primitive, they're basic, they're not that hard to understand. And one of the things they hate more than anything is weakness in a man.”  Read the whole article
I wish people would take their thumbs out of their ass's and stop pretending this guy has ever been reasonable in any way shape or form. He's a giant tool and at the end of the day will always be one.
Let's not normalize this by saying "Tucker Carlson is a piece of shit, wow who knew" Instead, let's all call Fox News first thing tomorrow morning and demand this piece of shit resign immediately. Let's find the advertisers who purchased primetime spots on his show and demand they pull their ads. Let's fucking bury his Twitter feed under an avalanche of protests. Seriously enough already.
The thing is, his and Fox’s audience doesn’t really care. Even the type of women who watch Fox News seem to be okay with being talked down to.
Fox execs care at least somewhat. Roger Ailes, Bill Shine and Bill O'Reilly were all forced out over similar things. I'm sure there's a cost benefit analysis of keeping people versus giving them the axe.
Out here if he'd have said that there would be a mob waiting outside fox to catch him and give him the thrashing of a lifetime. The police wouldn't have given much of a fuck about it either.
Fox vehemently defends Trump, a guy who said Grabbem by the pussy. They're okay with this shit
Even though he no longer wears the bowtie, he's still a raging manchild.
I'm pretty sure CNN cancelled that show after that, too. An ass beating so vicious CNN cancelled him. And my god was it glorious
The advertisers will care. Especially the big ones.
They'll just laugh and use it to drive ratings with their core base rather than actually try to change in any meaningful sort of way.
ah the old "can't be rape if its marraige" routine because marriage instantly solves everything.
Surely that's a ploy by Big Bowtie.
Boycotting Fox is a bit of an empty threat - I doubt any of us watch currently, I certainly don't. Better idea would be to boycott companies who continue to advertise on his show? Get me a list of companies running ads, I'll boycott 'em. This shit is fucking reprehensible.
https://www.cnn.com/2019/03/11/media/tucker-carlson-misogynistic-comments/index.html Carlson responded on Sunday night by saying that Media Matters "caught me saying something naughty." Carlson's also encouraged people to tune into his show "if you want to know what I think." "Anyone who disagrees with my views is welcome to come on and explain why," he said in his statement. So not only is he doubling down, hes encouraging people to come on to argue with him about it.
"oh but please come to this venue I have complete dominance over to explain and if it makes me look bad it won't air."
Good thing for him, he won't actually let anyone explain why. All he'll do is interrupt them, insult them, and then kick them off. Every time.
That’s when you drag him outside. Fingers crossed he bursts into flame in the sunlight. Seriously though what a piece of shit. Can we please just take a chainsaw/axe/Rabid Franklinator to the entire studio?
but they took a sharpie and wrote "fair and balanced" under the sign outside (before the lawyers chimed in)
Time for another effort to convince his advertisers to leave him
https://www.businessinsider.com/new-tucker-carlson-tapes-will-reportedly-touch-race-and-ethnicity-2019-3?utm_source=reddit.com Lovely.
White man creating society? We tried razing it to the ground 8 times in the crusades and then we burned china to the ground and paraded around her corpse for the world to see in the name of profit. Then we decided how fun it would be to rape africa for a good long century or two. I'm not even going to mention the Americas we all know how that turned out. If anything we were little more than savages who would use any excuse or pretext to burn, loot, plunder or profit. Europe didn't catapult ahead of the world, the world was set back by an asshat named Genghis and only Western Europe, Japan and Malaysia were spared his wrath. All the ideas of the enlightenment came from the middle east we tried so desperately to destroy. The invention of civility is a Semitic one not the white mans. Wow that was a rant? these are fun I should do them more
Fewer things worse to read about than an exceptionally opinionated moron.
Did white people create civilization? No. Did white people take everything from the Middle East and only succeed because they weren't destroyed by Genghis Khan? No. Countering simple idiocy with more simple idiocy doesn't help anyone.
Hey do you mind if I politely ask you for your views on these Tucker Carlson revelations?
They're pretty terrible things to say, but not that surprising. Carlson has always struck me as a buffoonish bully.
Don't you think it's a bit worrying that this racist, misogynistic frat boy who excuses rape and pedophilia has the most viewership for 8pm? Not just more than other political pundits, more than any show ,on all of cable, on his time slot. Tucker's certainly not someone that's gonna be stopped by principles if he finds a way to subtly insert his extreme views into his content. Personally, I think it's yet another sign of the American Right's leniency (if not, at times, preference) towards radicals, and their sheer inability (as well as unwillingness) to be cognizant of how much bigotry makes its way onto popular conservative platforms.
I never said those things and its considered rude to imply another is an idiot without evidence but I do think if the sacking of Baghdad never happened the world might speak a lot more arabic/persian and if asked I will elaborate though I have a point to refute so i'll get on it: You have a glorious gleaming city. There's another guy you really don't like because he's an asshole who owns a neighboring city and because he's an asshole its more of a "tribal commune" or a hamlet than a city right? Well some jackass from the steppes comes in and burns your city to the ground, rapes your women and defiles your shrines for shits and giggles. Your irrigation system is irreparably damaged and what was once fertile and rich land has now reverted into desert. You see him approaching the asshole's city when suddenly the jackass dies and his army dissipates, fractures and goes to war with itself. It is said the Tigris ran black with ink that pitiful day when the mongols tossed all the books of the house of wisdom into it. Who's at an advantage here, You or the asshole? Because I can tell you for sure If I was a leader and had the choice i'd take the hamlet full of illiterates over a pile of burnt stone, books and dead scholars because the illiterates can build castles, learn to write, read and do math whereas the dead just need to be buried. Oh and the Crusaders actually did steal vast amounts of books among other things from the levant and Anatolia. Da vinci and other European military engineers took a ton of information from Al jazari and the banu musa brothers to name a few and many of our mathematic principles were given to europeans through the crusades, not all of them mind you, but the bulk of it.
Personally, I don't generally take individual statements (especially from something like a shock jock radio show) from 10+ years ago as indicative of a person's deeply held beliefs, and I apply that across the aisle. I thought going after Northram for that blackface/KKK picture was wrong, for example. I like to look at the totality of a person, giving more weight to things that are more recent. If he were actively saying those kinds of things on his show, then sure, I would be worried about it. Do I like that Carlson is the most watched show? No, I really don't, but I'm not afraid of the kind of blatant sexism like that in this clip seeping out into the general public. I dislike the show because it's a perfect example of our current climate of absolute demagoguery. He invites people he disagrees with, yells and strawmans them into oblivion, and then claims victory. It's a dangerous, but incredibly persuasive, type of charisma with those who already agree with you. I assume the place we disagree is on this being a new thing. I think this has been going on for a hell of a long time. I see someone like Keith Olbermann as a clear precursor to Tucker. He was the most watched host on MSNBC, and the 2nd most watched of all outlets in his time-slot, and he demagogue/attacked/etc. more than anyone else at the time, and possibly ever, FAR more than someone like Bill O'Reilly ever did. Hell, Olbermann had a recurring segment titled "Worst Persons in the World" where he basically listed a few people on the right who he didn't like. He's also made some pretty horribly misogynistic statements throughout his career, some on his own live show. (Like saying Ann Coulter looked like a man, or that S.E. Cupp should have been aborted as a baby, etc.) In fact, you have lots of news commentators/pundits who've said terrible things in the past, like when Ed Schultz called Sarah Palin a 'Bimbo" and Laura Ingraham a "Right-wing slut," or Matt Taibbi saying he imagines Michelle Malkin with "big hairy balls" in her mouth, or Chris Matthews referring to Hillary Clinton by a number of sexist insults ("Nurse Ratchet, "She-Devil," "Madame Defarge," "Witchy," etc.) (https://www.thedailybeast.com/rush-limbaugh-isnt-the-only-media-misogynist) I'm all for holding a high standard, but it needs to be held across the board.
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