• Trump aims to charge allies for U.S. stationed troops plus 50% more.
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https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/trump-invokes-new-demand-for-extracting-billions-of-dollars-from-us-allies/2019/03/09/d472b9cb-09d5-481e-9475-291378986dbb_story.html Under the formula, countries would pay the full cost of stationing American troops on their territory, plus 50 percent more, said U.S. and foreign officials familiar with the idea, which could have allies contributing five times what they provide. Trump calls the formula “cost plus 50,” and it has struck fear in the hearts of U.S. allies who view it as extortionate. Rumors that the formula could become a global standard have especially rattled Germany, Japan and South Korea, which host thousands of forces, and U.S. officials have mentioned the demand to at least one country in a formal negotiation setting, said people familiar with the matter. National Security Council spokesman Garrett Marquis said the Trump administration “is committed to getting the best deal for the American people” but would not comment “on any ongoing deliberations regarding specific ideas.” Trump isnt a russian plant, he just looks out for whats best for us. Who needs a strong NATO presence when you can have america first!
why? you're stealing money from our nato allies then. they're already paying us all our expenses.
Fuck off. I can't even begin to summarize how monumentally fucking retarded this is. Just fuck off.
It's called a protection racket
This is basically extortion. Also, Trump once again fails to realize that the troops stationed there are for our benefit as much as our allies. He's playing right into Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran's hands here by threatening our NATO presence abroad.
Trump's orders from Putin are to lower American presence on European soil so that Putin can have an easier time invading Russia's neighboring countries. Doing this he can follow Putin's orders, AND shove the blame onto Europe.
He knows.
trump isn't capable of understanding how much of a benefit it is to have troops 100 miles from moscow instead of 5000 miles across the ocean. (distances are guestimates)
"Maybe if I destroy NATO, papa Putin will be kinder to my prostate!" - Donald Trump
"Maybe if I destroy NATO, Papa Putin will bang my prostate even harder!" -Donald Trump Fixed
That's not true, read the article. One of the first U.S. allies to confront the Trump administration’s hardball tactics was South Korea, which last month agreed to pay $925 million for hosting 28,500 American troops. That was an 8.2 percent increase from the previous year’s payment and about half the total costs. We've historically accepted net financial loss on our bases abroad in exchange for the power projection they provide. Trump is evidently happy to walk away from NATO, but won't pass up the opportunity to profit off our partners' need for US-provided security. I've long said that the US shouldn't be subsidizing Europe's defense, but 'cost plus fifty percent' is pure extortion.
I think America does it for the influence it provides them, not out of the goodness of its heart.
Trump's America First policy will result in America Last on the world stage.
I'd like to add that paying half is standard for just about any country that hosts a permenent US military presence, and it covers just half the cost of US facilities and not equipment or personnel maintenance. As catbarf has mentioned we usually eat the rest of the cost at a net loss which is fine. This greatly benefits the host nation too as we ocasionally let the host countries military use the facilities we've built and maintain for training and allows the host nation to field a massive military deterrent against hostile neighbors for a fraction of what Fielding a similar sized force themselves would cost. Everyone benefits greatly, we have a similar agreement with Singapore forces stationed in America. But extorting our allies like that and asking for even more money is fucking ridiculous and wrong. They already help us pay a extremely reasonable sum of money for us to stay there there's NOTHING should be asking of our allies other than how can we help them be more combat ready.
Trump doesn't want money from this. It's deliberately this high so that he has an excuse to pull American forces out of those countries.
It's both. More money or NATO suffers in security, everything's coming up Putin Donald.
They key point here is that Trump does not give a single solitary fuck about the country's wellbeing. He doesn't give a shit that the country can make tons of money, or project power, or whatever. He literally only cares about things he can profit off of in some way.
From the way I see it. Whatever Putin has on Trump is not as bad as what Trump is doing to himself. The stuff he is doing will never be forgotten. Kinda hard to forget going down as the worst president in the history of the united states and willing making the US work in the interests of a enemy nation. But hey at least that Piss tape will never see the light of day right Trump? Sure I know there might be a lot more. But none of it will give you a worse punishment then being a literal traitor to the US.
Yeah this is one of those demands so outrageous that the side giving it knows it won't be accepted, but it gives him the opportunity to reduce the US's international influence and shift the blame onto the host countries for being too cheap to pay for it.
great but he's charging them 150% of costs, and I can't read because of paywall now so just going by the OP. There's a hell of a lot of indirect costs that they do shoulder though like obtaining land for NATO bases, construction, and all sorts of tax laws and stuff. Trump's been blithering on about the actual monetary cost of having troops there when our european bases are absolutely critical for supplying our middle east activities as well.
Basically turning the military into mercenaries. Great.
Well, for everyone not in the US, when you all get tired of all of this shit and go to war with us, please don't kill me, I don't support anything the cuck has done.
It's honestly ridiculous how many station s US has in other nations. We don't allow other countries to gave stations in our country but we send our soldiers throughout the world. I think what Trump is doing is a good thing because it will likely promote the UK and Japan in increasing their own military. America's global army presence is a relic of our imperialist past and only allows America to continue it's belief that it's the world police. As our allies are encouraged to rely on their own military they will regain some form of Independence. Right now every American alley has to bow down to the US when it comes to military matters.
that doesn't change the fact that it's potentially a massive fiscal wound.
Platitudes are great and all but this is like the worst time and worst way to do that. Anything that has to do with coordinating defence needs to be done unilaterally or else you risk massively weakening the military capability of your allies for a certain window of time which your enemies can exploit. The reason there's so many american bases throughout the world is because both the US and the host country benefited from it. What Trump is doing is throwing out the baby with the bath water.
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