• Trump adds to the list of NSF casualties with proposed $1 billion budget cut
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cant spend 1 billion on science, but 200 on the bloated milind complex, thats totally worth it the next four years will be spent just undoing all the nonsense this orange maniac perpetrated
You've got 10 seconds to beat it before I add you to the list of NSF casualties
easy man, just havin' us a conversation
Easy bro, just havin' us a conversation.
The fact I don't last long has suddenly become an asset.
Five seconds.
Girl's got a head full of marbles. I HAVE to yell or she'd don't hear me.
She schitzes on me it's my ass, man!
All right! I'm goin'. Jesus.
Because fuck science if it's not applied towards blowing shit up, I guess.
Good thing the Dems took the House. Good luck passing anything like this
25 billion for the wall or 1 billion to make a cure for cancer that will eventually be sold to the public weeeeeellll giant steel and concrete fences are more impressive if you're a luddite who has lived in a gilded cage your whole life. you'd think he'd be more concerned with finding a cure for senility though.
This is for nonmedical research.
NSF grants go to a lot of just basic research that can result in unexpected discoveries
Now that's terror.
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