• Time to choose: UK Parliament set for crucial vote on May's Brexit deal
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My ex-roommate and I are wishing everybody the best. Good luck out there. I've got food prepped in anticipation lol
It's going to mean a lot for my employer and my daily process, fingers crossed!
Soon we shall see how fucking fucked we are.
But some leading Tory Brexiteers and the DUP, who keep her government in power, have rejected the deal. Yep, considering how much of a knife edge parliament is in general, I can't see it passing. Article 50 extension, ahoy!
I mean we're fucked no matter what the vote is, so I'd be surprised if anyone hadn't gotten the tears out of the way the minute brexit won in the first place.
If she loses this massively, as I expect she will, and she ends up calling another general election, I am going to laugh my tits off.
I think she might be too stubborn to call a GE (and lose even more of her tiny majority), we might actually be heading to a public vote as there is no way in hell parliament can ever agree on a deal. But honestly man, I have absolutely no idea what to expect. This is such a political wild ride.
I just want this shit to end in a not painful way, im sick of being so scared of how things are gonna pan out that I keep getting invasive thoughts
As many as are of that opinion say aye "aye" To the contrary no [chorus of nos literally causes the mic to peak]
Something something something while rule britania quietly plays in the background.
https://i.ibb.co/bsk5Zr4/Screenshot-20190312-070329.png Comforting headlines from my news app this morning But yeah, I have no idea what's going to happen tonight. Brexit has been a shitshow from start to finish.
It's alright lads I'm glad we avoided a coalition of chaos with Ed Miliband back in 2015
we avoided a coalition of chaos in 2017 too wait hang on
Some dude in the parliament has a sword
Oi it's UK fuck themselves in the ass o'clock.
242 yes 391 no
So may's deal down again? let's hope people realise what's at stake tomorrow and at the very fucking least dont go no deal
oh no the destroyed horcrux has brought upon her true form
I could not have predicted this outcome. Truly, I am shocked to my core. /s
Get bent, you ghastly old hag.
So does this mean no deal Brexit then?
I think tomorrow they'll vote on whether to Hard Brexit or Extend A50? Somebody might want to clarify though.
lost the vote by 150... I ALMOST feel bad. Almost...
And tomorrow we shall see if there is an extension or not, if not No Deal here we come! Fucking hell.
They vote tomorrow on no deal, likelihood is basically 0 as the only people that support no deal are mentally handicapped fanatics.
How anyone can still consider brexit to be a good idea at this point is beyond me. but no, muh immigrunts etc
I was gladly proven wrong. Except...now we just shrug our shoulders and see what happens.
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