• Mike Pence offers deal to kill Trump national emergency disapproval resolution
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https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/433750-pence-floats-offer-to-kill-trump-emergency-disapproval-resolution Vice President Mike Pence is floating an offer to Republican senators that could lead to the defeat of a Democratic resolution overturning President Trump’s emergency declaration to b uild a wall on the Mexican border, according to GOP sources briefed on the matter.  Under the deal offered by Pence, Trump would sign legislation reining in his power to declare future national emergencies if they defeat the resolution of disapproval. Killing the resolution on the Republican-controlled Senate floor would spare the president a major embarrassment and avoid him having to issue the first veto of his presidency.  But there is some skepticism among GOP senators whether Trump will actually go through with it. And the plan is hurt by the fact that a bill to curb the president’s power to declare national emergencies won’t come to the Senate floor until after the March recess.  Pence met Tuesday with a group of Republicans, including Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah), the sponsor of legislation to curb the president’s national emergency declaration power, as well as Sens. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.), Pat Toomey (R-Pa.), Rob Portman (R-Ohio) and Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.). Lee’s measure would require Congress to vote to extend a national emergency declaration after a period of 30 days. It is still undergoing some revisions, according to GOP senators.  Senate Republicans familiar with the offer say there would have to be an ironclad promise from Trump to sign Lee’s bill in order to flip Republicans who currently say they will vote no. 
I saw the title as 'Mike Pence offers deal to kill Tru-' and I honestly went through a roller-coaster of emotions.
Literally promising he won't do it again (with force of law) if Congress doesn't embarrass him and force him to veto their attempt to tell him no. This is like a four-year-old begging not to be yelled at because he promises to be good. Also expect him to refuse to sign the bill after all, because he'll have forgotten why he agreed to it in the first place, if he even does agree to checks on his power.
Expect him to refuse to sign it, cause some major news drama, sign it while lying and claiming he got more concessions, then illegally declare an emergency within a month.
More than that, this is the counter to the commonly repeated idea that if Trump gets away with this use of emergency power that a Democrat president could use it to declare climate change an emergency later. It’s basically “We’re going to flout the law this time, but you can’t do it back to us later.”
Considering he's the subtle evil counterpart to Trump's lurid evil, I wouldn't put it very far past him.
"hey let us abuse this this one time and we promise to fix it so nobody else can do it!"
Forgive me for not knowing his name... https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/229956/42d6fb08-0bdd-4094-85e2-c4d362da8967/5153434.png What the fuck is this guy's deal?
He looks like that Vault-Tec salesman from FO4.
At least we can rely on Trump to sabotage the GOP.
And right on queue too. It’s like he’s a golden goose that bites everyone and shits everywhere while constantly screaming, but is put with just for the occasional gold egg.
You see our form of government is shit because the president can veto laws passed to check his own power
tbf, the founding fathers didn’t have the foresight to figure America’s voting system sucks enough duck to elect a sociopathic manchild as the leader of its country.
You can't play with my emotions like this https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/249570/bf88c75b-3922-4370-af58-e85dae788c90/image.png
No, they did, that's what the whole impeachment thing is for. Read the Federalist Papers, "people are idiots and voted for an awful person" and "turns out the guy we elected is more loyal to another country than America" are the exact main reasons they expected impeachment to happen. What they failed to predict was that people, including politicians, could become more loyal to their party than to their country. Even if they'd known a FPTP voting system is only stable in a two-party configuration, they couldn't have predicted a glaringly awful president could avoid impeachment simply because his party had a majority, or even just a 34% minority.
I still don't understand what they're paranoid about. This is a 100% symbolic gesture, the nobles are complaining to the king as it is, trump will without hesitation veto this, declare himself winner and continue building the wall. They will spin it as "well we tried" or "the democrats forced us to do this" and nothing will change.
The Hill is reporting that talks have broken down and the disapproval is alnost certsin to pass, forcing Trump into his first veto.
the original law had a legislative veto, the scotus decided that wasn't legal (even though the war powers act has the exact same mechanism) and reagan refused to sign any legislation that didn't basically give him unchecked power so the final bill had this totally unworkable system whereby the president can enact a national emergency and wipe his ass with anything but a supermajority veto override.
Said leader was never meant to have that much power in the first place, he had veto power as a check on Congress, but a lot of the powers he has now did not exist at all when the position was created.
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