• Trump's conservative judges begin takeover of federal appeals courts
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nuke the courts when this is all over. the gop has ruined this government, expand the scotus to 11 justices ram them through and make sure mitch mcconnell knows his fucking legacy is ruined.
great way to set precedent for them to do it back when they regain power (they will, unless you turn us into a one-party state)
So when the Republican Party crosses a line, you would have the Democratic Party do the same and damn the consequences? It's shortsighted and hypocritical of you to suggest it - and we have enough of those two qualities in our federal government as is.
The alternative is 40 more years of near-fascism skullfucking any hope of social progress in this country. Given the circumstances, I'm fine with the nuclear option, followed up by a bill that'd make it nigh impossible to do again.
He doesnt mean fill it with biased democratic judges. Its different.
Ideally Republicans ought to never gain power again after this. Their ideals are so out-of-line with the common person that their grip on this country is tenuous without the gerrymandering that keeps them in office. I have no reservations with saying that I want them to fade away entirely once we drive Trump out of office and for someone more left-leaning than the current Democrats to take their place. Let's join Europe in the 21st century, shall we.
you're very optimistic if you think repubs will never ever gain power again after this
Only if we don't make moves to keep them out, which we should.
That's dangerous thinking. The US badly needs some electoral reform, but your statement could be misconstrued - it looked like you were advocating the use of fascist tactics in the name of stopping fascism. Yes, the GOP is fascist. Yes, they're basically a criminal organization. But democracy is the cornerstone of liberty, and the best that can be done is making elections better represent each individual.
will we still be doing elections too or are we also gonna get rid of those for impeding progress?
This is the worst part of the current GOP and Trump; they're such huge piles of slime and scum that the people who just want change are being forced into the same mindset GOP voters have, which is "damn the consequences, fuck the system, let's set some REALLY BAD precedents." They aren't just literally worthless bags of human refuse, they encourage their opponents to sink lower as well.
there's a theory that unless one party outright dominates the system, the chance of gaining majority control forces politicians to work against the other party instead of with it. This corisponds wirh democrat's loss of the majorities they enjoyed for 40 years and the rise of partisanship following the beginning of a more cyclical change of majority
Or maybe we should think about dealing with the size of the state and the associated clamoring for power it creates. The above just validates the idea that centralization creates totalizing outcomes make society volatile.
This is extremely bad as the Third Circuit has jurisdiction over Delaware, which runs the nation's corporate law. Judges gotta be removed somehow.
If we have to have a large federal government to deal with the staggeringly gigantic megacorporations that have ruined democracy in the united states, I'm okay with that. I have a lot of problems with the libertarian outlook because removing the burden of big government doesn't mean anything if corporations will crush you.
I don't think it can do that for people. We've had all sorts of radical liberal, socialist, etc. movements for 150 years or so now that try to reform government to be more popular or democratic. I think you just get a shitty, managerial form of capitalism that is inherently divisive instead of something socially responsible. You basically put those gigantic megacorporations in bed with the government while they grow together and have democracy degenerate into clamor over the rationing of its spoils. So it still feels like money is distorting politics either way, except now throw mass ideological and party divisions into the mix. The many people agreeing with power abuse in order to break through similar on the right, which exists as an obstacle because it doesn't trust you to use that rationing fairly (nor should it), and get what they want is a reflection of that. It's a zero-sum game and there's nothing progressive about it, it's degenerative.
Then what else would you do? You cant fight them cleanly, we've been trying that for a couple decades now and it has gotten us nowhere. The world isnt all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes there is no choice but to do something that, in a perfect world, wouldnt even be on the table. It'd be nice if we could deal with this problem cleanly, but clearly we cannot.
One way to deal with the problem would be to put in harsher punishments for white collar crime and to absolutely throw the book at any political figure found guilty of it. The Democrats would be purged of a growing cancer, and the GOP would virtually cease to exist.
I'd love to see a tiny state fight a giant megacorporation on it's own with no federal assistance.
HAHAHAHAH oh sorry I forgot you were serious The amount of right wing revolutions that you just flat out ignored is comically dangerous.
the size of the state isn't the problem its the structure that puts the executive and political heads in charge of it. Institutes like the Fed or its cousin in utilities have been fairly productive and non partisan while the EPA has basically bounced between saving the planet and justifying higher death rates for regulatory rollbacks. The government doesn't work by design when the GOP is involved so they can make the case that it doesn't work and that we should just trust some nebulous market force to do everything instead, except those market forces are driven by secretive groups of wealthy individuals that obtain the best results for their interests and are unchecked by the public. Further, neither privatization or the free market actually solves the problem, it just is an excuse for the state to absolve itself of the problem. An example would be the goal of block granting states medicaid funding doesn't fix the issues with medicaid or the issues medicaid treats it just removes the state's ability to directly confront the problem by metaphorically just throwing cash at the problem instead of using the tools and flexibility available to the state.
You are unwilling to see beyond your own bias to address problems that don't fit inside the neat little narrative you have inside your brain.
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