• 'CIA link' to brazen raid on North Korean embassy in Spain on eve of Vietnam sum
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https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/03/13/cia-link-brazen-raid-north-korean-embassy-spain-eve-vietnam/ Spanish investigators believe that two assailants who broke into the North Korean embassy in Madrid last month and took hostages have links to the CIA, according to reports. None of the 10 individuals who broke into the embassy before tying up and beating staff as they looked for information on computers have been caught. But sources from the investigation told the Spanish newspaper El Paísthat they been able to identify several of the attackers from video evidence. Although the majority of the assailants who sped away in two of the embassy’s cars before vanishing have been identified as Koreans, two of the group “have been recognised by Spanish secret services as being linked with the CIA”, El País reported on Wednesday.
The CIA is getting really sloppy now'a'days agents going down in China and the likes. Wouldn't be too surprised if Trump were blabbering about them behind closed doors.
Imagine if these guys had been caught, and had been working for the CIA. Would pretty much complete the Watergate Parallel.
Sounds like something from a heist movie, I'm glad that nobody got hurt though. Would be interesting to see the possible link between the CIA and this incident.
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