• Venezuela: Guaido under investigation for 'sabotage' of power grid
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https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/mar/12/venezuela-juan-guaido-maduro-sabotage-blackout Venezuela’s chief prosecutor has asked the country’s supreme court to open an investigation into opposition leader Juan Guaidó for alleged involvement in the “sabotage” of the country’s power grid. Saab said the case against Guaidó also involves messages allegedly inciting people to robbery and looting during the crippling blackout which began on Thursday. Maduro alleged the US had conducted the attack – in league with “puppets and clowns” from the Venezuelan opposition – to create “a state of despair, of widespread want and of conflict” that would justify a foreign intervention.
They're not even switching up the Leopoldo Lopez script.
Stick with what works, I guess. It's not like people won't find some way to defend the Maduro regime.
And they sabotaged the plumbing also I'd imagine? https://twitter.com/ConflictsW/status/1105806735451869184
Maduro never cease to amaze how he tries to deflect all the problems to an outside source.
Seems legit
not a dictatorship btw
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