• [Opinion] A no-deal Brexit could still happen, even if MPs vote against it
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What a sham
This non-binding vote on a specific question will be overridden by *squints* a non-binding vote on a much more general question
Yeah, no-deal it is. Even if they vote for extension and ask it from the EU, it will be veto'd by Putin's butt-buddies in Italian and Polish right wing governments.
This shouldn't be a surprise. It's the default position in law.
This isn't even my government and I hate everyone in charge. Just think beyond your own fucking ego and cancel this slow fucking trainwreck.
lovely, brexit has reached yet another rhetorical impossibility. Now along with simultaneously having a hard border and not having a border with ireland, the democratically elected representatives of the people are not being allowed to overrule the supposed will of the people as determined by a vote carried out before the latest election. logically the will of the representatives today should overrule the will of the people 2 years ago as another 'refferendum' has taken place in the form of an election but of course logic has no place in politics.
"It's like Titanic voting to move the iceberg" said a dude from the Netherlands.
spicy democracy you got going on there UK
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