• Michael Cohen Has Email Showing Trump Obstructed Justice by Dangling Pardon
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http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/03/cohen-email-trump-dangled-pardon-obstruction-justice-mueller.html but her emails
https://www.thedailybeast.com/giuliani-ally-we-werent-dangling-a-pardon-to-michael-cohen-we-were-reciting-garth-brooks-lyrics?source=articles&via=rss This is not a joke.
Buttery males
"it's german for "the bart, the", not "die bart, die."
But that still doesn't make sense because the song is titled "I got friends in low places" and is about a sad man drinking his blues away. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0_der_5hRM If you were trying to comfort your suicidal friend with that song you completely butchered it.
I give up. We are all officially living in a simulation where the creator is trying to fuck with us.
fucking guliani he prosecuted mobsters, he damn well knows what "you've got friends in high places" means.
After scifi began imagining the practical consequences and dramatic density of the universe being some form of simulation or artificial projection in the fifties (not to mention the notion of a greater state of experience behind the facade of reality being a mythical and philosophical topic dating back millenia), I feel like if we are living in a simulation then the creators overseeing the simulation decided to start making things weird to see how long before we noticed that our art had turned out to predict the actual reality of our subjective experience, and they started cranking the dials higher and higher over time to see what it would take to, as it were, redpill humanity. Then The Matrix came out in 1999 and flashed it in our faces to see if we could read the writing on the wall when dragged to it and held in front of it for two hours. We said wow great movie we're stealing bullet time and turning it into a gimmick and a meme for the next ten years. Then they made Trump President with a suspicious and conspicuous trail leading to America's supposed #1 international threat and distressingly close to a majority of Americans still think this is a good thing two years later. I think if Americans re-elect Trump, Tokyo will actually be attacked by Godzilla and the moon will spontaneously become covered in water ice to see if we're actually capable of recognizing that something isn't lining up or if the neural net running all of us hasn't found a way to cheat at its own job for efficiency's sake and made us completely brick-stupid.
Makes sense why New York moved suddenly to charge Manafort
I wonder if Climate Change is the equivalent of a memory leak, or the creators putting us out of our misery
I have a feeling Trump and co are too stupid to realize the true meaning of the song.
Garbage collection algorithm. It's kind of fitting that the man who brags about his effective illiteracy and devotion to educating himself through the TV is as dumb and self-defeating as a sitcom/TV movie villain, with his underlings having to keep more and more plates spinning to keep the whole catastrophe from collapsing in on itself. I hope he and all of his co-conspirators are alive to watch the credits roll on the very real movies that'll be made about this period in modern US history. From the comfort of their jail cells.
Oh shit Garth Brooks just became relevant again
Maybe this whole simulation is to figure out what the Great Filter is in the Fermi Paradox.
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