• Georgia bill wants to push reports on super PAC spending months after occuring.
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https://www.ajc.com/news/state--regional-govt--politics/georgia-bill-would-delay-fundraising-reports-key-time-for-lawmakers/bJhj03iOzz1USlFb0bKRsM/ The legislation, Senate Bill 213, would eliminate the disclosure state officials and lawmakers have to make around Jan. 31 each year that shows contributions in the days leading up to the start of the session. Those contributions would instead be reported in July in non-election years, such as 2019. So if an industry contributed $100,000 to lawmakers and top state officials or their PACs the day before the session, and then won approval for a multimillion-dollar tax break, the public wouldn’t know until after the governor signed it into law. Bethany Whetzel, deputy executive secretary of the commission, said the bill was designed to clear up confusion in reporting requirements and fix a loophole in the law that allows some PACS — funds generally created to support certain businesses or political interests — to avoid having to disclose what they spend. So instead of flat out forcing pacs to report their spending, they decided to force it after several months of it being in the shadows.
Bethany you fucking idiot, how about you just go and write " All PACs without exception are required to disclose all of their donations a month before they make them"
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