• Trump: It would be "very bad" if his military and police supporters "got tough"
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he's acting like a stereotype "Eyyy, it'd be a real shame is something uh, happened to your democracy huh?"
Screw the divide. There's no talking down these people anymore; anyone who's still left on his side isn't going to be persuaded. They're going to pounce eventually anyway. Tonight's shooting was just the opening volley of what's to come from these Nazis. Might as well sucker punch them if they're running in for an additional kill.
So I'm curious, has there ever been a US president that has refused to step down after losing a re-election? If so how was that solved?
Nope. Every president we've ever had served no more than two terms except for one. Before the two term limit was made law, Roosevelt was elected to 4 terms, but he died
Expect this and a multitude of other causes leading to a bloody civil war, or other catastrophic events.
You may not be able to change the people that are already on that side but you can protect the people who might be influenced. This line of thinking just provides a reason for more moderate people to dislike the left. Like it or not, most people aren't an extreme on either side leaving them open to be influenced. The right tend to be much better influencers so providing more fuel for them to work with is literally converting more people to their cause. They may be able to justify their bullshit to themselves because they're already in the cult, but if they don't have legitimate content to work off of even fake news won't work. The most effective fake news is real news stretched past the truth. That's why Hillary's emails were so effective. It was a legitimate issue that they were able to use as a weapon. If you don't provide them legitimate issues to weaponize into something much bigger than it actually is, they won't have any basis for their bullshit and won't be able to pull people in. You are part of the problem and the sooner you admit that the sooner you won't have to worry about these people being able to bring more people to their side. If you want to hide in your little hole and pretend you aren't part of the problem, fine. Just don't be surprised when indifferent people get pulled over by much more manipulative people using your words against you.
Look, I agree with your overall sentiment, but honestly, who's left to be influenced at this point that hasn't already picked a side? There are barely any moderates left; even more reasonable right-wingers are fed up with this. Any moderate conservative who already dislikes Trump isn't going to see me saying "Trump supporters are the enemy" and suddenly get angry at me and change his mind, because he's already not in that camp. It's literally the rest of the world vs. Trump and his zealots at this point. Trust me, I've been for the civil option. Not too long ago that's all I would advocate, and even now I still hope this somehow ends diplomatically. But realistically? Aspiring solely to that ideal isn't gonna get very far with the way things are shaping up. The only people left in the Trump camp are the ones who already hate us and are getting ready for war, and no moderate is going to be swayed over to the Trump camp from me drawing lines in the sand against the Trump camp. They know they're not the target.
Here's the thing: if you fall for manipulative tactics without having the facts on hand and thinking for yourself, you have only yourself to blame for falling for the oldest trick in the book like a fool. Granted all of us have, at some point, but if you realize the truth and still double down because you don't want to accept you went wrong, that's on you, and you alone. I spent several months saying things might not be so bad when trump got elected, and all I got for my eventual pains was my own fears being brought into reality. How about we stop pussy footing around and treat a tumor as a tumor that has no place in a supposedly enlightened and modern society? When the other lot are essentially "if we lose, everybody loses" what's the worst than can really happen at that point? As the Good Book says, he who has an ear, let him hear, and call it a day.
The world isn't black and white. There are still plenty of people who have opinions in the gray. You may be for or against Trump, you may be for or against various policies, but not everyone is hard left or hard right. That is why people on the hard left and hard right dislike people in the center, because they don't blindly agree with them. When given a reason to disagree with them, they'll go with it. They can't just do the same thing the other side doesn't then pretend like it's any better as those people won't take their shit. I know multiple people who heavily dislike Trump and his policies, but would just look at what you said and shake their head. You have to stop the problem at the source. Just throwing a patch on top of it over and over again doesn't stop the leak from the source.
It would be very bad if someone took a crowbar to Trump's head repeatedly until he lost consciousness.
Alright then, we'll just wait until the manipulative people come out of power, then deal with actual traitors as traitors should be dealt with, certainly taking care of biker gang racists, neo-nazis, lost causers, and similar such human garbage. Anybody who insists that they'd rather be russian than democrats can be deported to russia instead, if they like it there so much. I'm not a fan of giving people too many second chances to fix themselves once they prove incapable of fixing, so once these are dealt with, america would be better off. Hard decisions have to be made one way or the other, it's time the spreading rot was cut away for once and all before we end up with worse than trump at some point in the future.
I have the support of two institutions that are legally obliged to support me and also some dickheads in leather jeans! Fear me!
This is why we have a 2nd Amendment. It is a restart switch, a failsafe, a nuclear option if you will, it exists to protect yourself from tyranny. You know for a fact fascists and authoritarians are utilizing it. Arm yourself, please. You have absolutely no higher power against the government and tyranny than that. If you claim democracy failed you with Trump, you have no reason to believe it cannot fail you again, and in more extreme ways. The President of the United States is saying if he willed it, the police, military, and militia groups loyal to him would beat or even kill you for not supporting him. Would they all do this? No, but enough would. Protesters get ran over in the street. Mosques and Synagogues are getting shot up. Gays and trans are still being beaten. A white nationalist and 3 others killed dozens of people in New Zealand yesterday, one Mosque thankfully repelled an attacker with firearms. This is not a fucking joke. The military may not protect you. The police may not protect you. Your neighbor may not protect you. Arm yourself.
I could be in the minority here, but it’s really not that simple for me at all especially if things were to start getting violent. Most of the people I know support Trump in some way at various levels. The first one being a mostly apathetic type of supporter who is so sick of politics that they stopped taking anything seriously long before Trump even considered running. They don’t really seem to care about what happens one way or the other and think everything going on is just typical mud slinging. The second level being mostly older people who fell for propaganda and believe in conspiracy theories perpetuated by alternative forms of media like local radio talk shows around the area which spread misinformation like climate change denial or chem trails. They say a lot of things which would make you guys repeatedly bash your heads against the wall, but they generally just grumpy and not violent at all. Then there’s some people who I suspect are low key Trump supporters who don’t really have too much to say on the matter other than just being generally skeptical about bad things relating to Trump. I’m not sure if they’re still leaning on the fence or not, but I’m very concerned about them if violence does escalate in the country because they are members of law enforcement. If things ever do devolve into civil unrest/mass violence, I wouldn’t be in a position to advocate for either side as it would be a fucked situation of choosing between either friends/family or morals/ideology.
We must always remember that the armed resistance in Italy would have stopped fascism in its tracks before it swallowed the continent, had the rest of the left grown a backbone and actively fought Mussolini. If push comes to shove I hope our american friends are willing to put their money where their mouths are and enforce the Second Amendment against the orange criminal's thugs.
how's that working out for you in brazil
Damn theirs alot of commies here, greetings comrades. Orange man bad!
If Orange man bad and you hate commies, why do you like Orange man who has been working with commies since the 1980's?
Oh yeah, people like Trump are why the 2A exists.
Don't forget the practically routine ricin scare that happens with almost every presidency.
It wouldn't be like that at all. Trump can give the order, but it doesn't mean shit if his if the upper ranks don't pass the order. I highly doubt anyone who is in the military will actually stand-up and fight for trump and I highly doubt there will be in-fighting. Some of you sound like doomsday people. You guys underestimate how controlled military bases are and how closed-ecosystem they are. The Air Force base I work at wouldn't have a conflict because it is primary AIT and the only people who have guns are Security Forces. Go to another army base near me, same situation. Sure they got access to better hardware to urban combat but the stuff is locked up so tight that the base commander would have MP's suppress anything before it happens. Base commanders can easily maintain control of their own house. There would hardly be a civil-war within the military. The military is pretty fucking dynamic and anything that goes against military core-values and UCMJ gets you kicked out. A MsGt I know got some of his people kicked out because they had neo-nazi shit in their living quarters.
Isn’t Trump dumping a ton of money on farmers while fucking them over with the trade war socialism? AKA, communism?
That's good to hear. Let's all be thankful then that our military isn't like the ones that fully authoritarian countries have.
sssshhh they got theirs.
It's all volunteer, and strictly regimented. We sign up so others don't have to, to get college money, and to serve our country. We won't go against our fellow Americans.
Pretty sure any armed uprising in support of Trump would consist of like 10,000 people total across the nation and fizzle out in an afternoon Once the military ignores any and all orders coming from a former reality tv star who is trespassing on government property it'd be pretty clear that these fuckers lost their chance to make their coveted ethnostate
I don't know, the most disturbing thing about the mosque shooting wasn't the video to me, it was all of the non-stop comments about how justified it was and how they should do the same to all leftists. Obviously the internet is so hyperbole and full of edgelords, but I think it points out an issue were the right has sympathsizers for radicals similar to many Islamic institutions that don't outright commit terrorism and violence but are encouraging it.
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