• US orders evacuation of all embassy staff from Venezuela
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https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/reversal-us-withdrawing-embassy-personnel-venezuela-amid-days/story?id=61631776 Considering it would be logistically impossible to ferry enough fuel and clean water to keep the embassies open I'm surprised this didn't happen sooner.
and also to add, The Venezuelans who try to process their visas to go to USA, have to go to the American embassy in Bogotá, Colombia to do so. Obviously this is going to cause a difficulty for those of us given that the border with Colombia is closed under Maduro orders, with main exception with children and the sick Making that other way to go to Colombia using the illegal routes which is too dangerous, given that are guarded by criminals or Colombian guerrillas making too dangerous since you are in danger of either being robbed or murdered or raped by those criminals, or kidnapped by the Colombian guerrilla.
You be safe man, you hear me? Be safe.
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