• Thousands of students partake in a Climate Strike in Syndey
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https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/fantastic-turnout-school-climate-strike-draws-big-crowd-in-sydney-20190315-p514hk.html 'Fantastic turnout': School climate strike draws big crowd in Sydney A massive crowd of students has gathered in the Sydney CBD to rally against climate change inaction, with protesters overflowing from Town Hall to the next block. Nearly 40,000 Australian students were expected to take the day off school to participate in strikes around the country. "Our Prime Minister wants us to do more learning and less activism," Danielle Villafana-Pore from Fort Street High School told the crowd. "If you want less activism, maybe you should remove basic science from the curriculum, or maybe you could do your job." It is the second school strike in the past few months in Australia. The first, in November last year, was attended by an estimated 15,000 students across the country. Absolutely amazing seeing all the people there today, 40 000 nation wide is a seriously impressive turnout. Clover Moore's speech was great and she is a absolute all around legend of a person. ‏
Everytime I hear these kinda news, I get a little bit of hope back.
THANOS had a better plan for the EARTH I cannot come up with a counter point for this argument.
I mean if I acquired the power to affect space and time at will I sure would come up with a better plan than wiping half of the population.
I'm so appalled. I was expecting to see the news dominated by this here in Australia (rallies all over the country, not just Sydney. Melbourne had 50,000 kids IIRC) but then the massacre overshadowed all of it. These kids don't deserve to have their protests for the future overshadowed by some other fuckface Aussie.
Icredibly unfortunate timing.
At least Thanos cares about the future of humanity, though - albeit in his own twisted way. The problem is that the rich people who run the corporations that are screwing over the environment - and the politicians they've bought - have NO plan. They'll all be dead before the worst hits, so they don't give a danm.
Same here in Luxembourg, I like the idea. Especially because our governement reinforced public transportation to make it easier for students to get to the destination.
They aren't voting age so sadly the people that can actually change things won't give a fuck, especially when they're being paid in millions to shut the fuck up and do as big oil wants
Same in Estonia. I read some of our comments about this, and it's really disheartening. "Using children as a political stunt like this, they don't even know what they're on strike against!" Note, this news site comments section was like "I'm so glad children are showing concern for our future by accompanying their parents to the racist march in our capital" "I'm glad they found that the best alternative to studying and getting an education for these kids is to march around with stupid pieces of cardboard" "Where the hell is the police? Children should not be involved in politics. If the police doesn't take them in and explain their rights, then we need to start using Odin's Warriors for that" Note- Odin's Warriors are a far right terror group. These people exist, and I wish they didn't
saw lots of kids out in Leeds on my break today https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1809/9a959e36-69b7-49b3-8bd9-755badb9ab7e/A7C7CDBE-303C-4723-818A-D8FD98F24729.jpeg
I've grown too cynical. I guess this is a good thing but I can't shake the feeling that it's ultimately futile. We're like helpless animals rattling their cages, waiting for the inevitable. Because if those in power won't listen to experts on the matter, why would they listen to kids of all things?
Their response was "skipping school is illegal"
Who is going to be the next voting generation? 40, 000 people attending these rallies are 40 000 people who will vote for parties who don't lay on their arses about climate change. It's funny because anthropgenic climate change is part of the syllabus here, and in Earth and Environmental Science (which quite a few protestors I know were doing) you have a entire module on global warming. Everyone there definately did know what they were striking for. That would of been great, we had people standing across the aisle of carriges on the intercity services, it was packed beyond belief.
Here in Belgium the usual media addicted politicians keep complaining that they're just trying to skip school. At this rate school isn't going to be much use for them, trying to survive in a world that's becoming uninhabitable. But they won't have to live to experience that.
That's the thing, it's the same here.
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