• Missouri Rep introduces bill requiring people to own AR-15s and handguns
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https://www.kmbc.com/article/missouri-lawmaker-introduces-bill-that-would-residents-to-own-ar-15-and-handguns/26837406 JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A lawmaker wants to require some Missouri residents to own AR-15 guns. Andrew McDaniel, (R-Deering), introduced House Bill 1108 on Feb. 28. According to the bill’s description, it would establish the McDaniel Militia Act, “which requires every person between 18 and 35 years of age who can legally possess a firearm to own an AR-15 and authorizes a tax credit for a purchase of an AR-15.” Documents presented during the bill’s proposal said any person who qualifies as a Missouri resident on Aug. 28, 2019, and who does not own an AR-15, would have a year to purchase one. In addition, anyone who becomes a Missouri resident after Aug. 28, 2019, would have to purchase an AR-15 within a year. In addition, McDaniel filed a bill that would require every person 21 years of age and older to own a handgun if they are legally able to. That bill, House Bill 1052, was introduced two days prior to House Bill 1108. According to the Missouri House of Representatives website, neither bill is currently scheduled for a hearing or is on a House calendar.
Specifically AR-15s? Because this seems like a corporate subsidy more than anything.
This is dumb as fuck.
The text says any rifle based on the AR-15 platform
What the fuck
I knew America was pro-gun, but WOAH!
I thought it was the right to bear arms, not the obligation to.
Hell no.
frankly i think there's some more fundamental issues with the concept of the bill than it being corporate subsidy
yee haw! but also, no
Y'all are just mad that you didn't think of a bill this AMERICAN!
Well that's just silly.
I know there are cities where gun ownership is legally required (never enforced though) and in those cities it has done good things for their rates of home invasion and the like. But the differences here are: State wide instead of city wide AR-15 type rifle specifically instead of just any gun
To be fair, if the goal were to create an actual militia, it helps if all the soldiers in said militia had the same weaponry. Even though that isn't the goal whatsoever. Just wait until some states mandate everyone to have McDonalds for dinner every day, when legally able.
Got it, buy Soviet.
And who's going to pay for it? And how is it going to be enforced? Sir, the reason I pulled you over is you rolled through that 4 way back there, so I'm going to need to see your license, registration, proof of insurance, and your AR-15
Reading some of the bill, he's offering a tax credit that will cover 75% of the cost. So these rifles ought to cost only a couple hundred dollars.
So, this is real, is not a bull? I can't access the source. They are really planning to go with militia in plain 21th century? On USA with all the current problems they have? This is just asking for more problems.
No one is gonna mention "My Little Armalite" really?
Okay that stupid, force people to buy a rifle or get in trouble with the law is retarded especially when most AR-15 manufactures are over priced; not to mention the fact that you need to train everyone how to safely and properly use their rifle. So unless that state government pay for the training, I foresee a lot of incidents in the near future if this bill passes.
this bill is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard of. "lets require a bunch of people to buy firearms without ensuring anyone knows anything about gun safety or ownership!" gun violence in Missouri already costs tax payers over $1.9 billion a year and not to mention that Missouri has the 7th highest rate of gun violence in the US. wtf....?! $11 million that could be used for education or providing assistance for homeless veterans. surely this is the best use of $11 million of tax payer money. how stupid is this guy?
5 billion iq move
Being a retard isn't going to fix anything.
This would be nothing short of criminal Also MO has 6.126 million residents, and only a 27% current ownership rate, somehow I think that 11 million is going to run out really quickly unless people are grabbing up 4$ rifles.
I think they're banking on some people not taking the tax break, as it requires an application for it.
Tax credits for firearm ownership are not an awful idea, but it's ruined here by compulsion and the requirement for a particular model of firearm. Ridiculously stupid. Why? This must be purely to piss off the sensationalists who hate AR-15s.
That and I can imagine quite a few would try to take advantage of this if they already owned one but just wanted more.
Eh, I disagree. I would much rather see tax breaks that actively improve people's lives like for education, health services, housing, or literally anything else that helps someone get by in everyday life.
Imagine a guy being arrested at gunpoint for not having a gun
The bill has zero mention of repercussions of breaking the law. And unless they have a state-wide weapon registration, I cannot see how it can be enforced, either. What are they going to do, lock up 50% of all residents in the state for not owning a gun?
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