• Like ‘Monty Python’: TV details how Hamas ‘accidentally’ fired at Tel Aviv
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Like 'Monty Python' The two Gaza rockets that almost brought Israel and Hamas to war late Thursday were fired by accident, Israel’s Channel 13 news reported Friday, when low-level Hamas operatives “messed with” a Gaza beach rocket launcher that was set up to fire toward Tel Aviv in the event of future conflict. The report said the farcical chain of events that almost led to war was “like something out of Monty Python,” referring to the legendary British comedy group. The report said news of rocket sirens blaring in Tel Aviv broke as Yihya Sinwar and other Hamas leaders were meeting with an Egyptian delegation trying to mediate eased Israeli economic restrictions on Gaza. “You’re meeting with us at the same time as you’re firing on Tel Aviv?” the Egyptians reportedly asked Sinwar in fury. He told them he knew nothing about the matter, went to check, and established what had happened, the report said. The Egyptians then called Israeli defense chiefs and relayed what had happened. Israel told the Egyptian delegation to leave Gaza — they crossed into Israel at the Erez crossing — and then began its retaliatory strikes on Hamas targets. Had the rocket fire been deliberate, the Israeli response would have been five times heavier, the TV report said. The rocket fire was the first at Tel Aviv since 2014. The Egyptians reportedly told Hamas that if Hamas responded heavily to the Israeli strikes, there would be a major escalation of conflict. Hamas did fire several rockets across the border. The TV report said Hamas has arrested one or more operatives over the “accidental” fire. It also said that Hamas had proved that it fully controls the Gaza border protests by acting to cancel Friday’s protests to ensure relative calm prevailed.
is a supposed 5 fold response really nessicary to begin with?
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